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What are the 3 essential factors when choosing new underwear?

What are the 3 essential factors when choosing new underwear?

What are the three essential factors when choosing new underwear?

Comfort Function and Appearance

Boxers vs Briefs vs Boxer Briefs

Now that we’ve introduced all three styles of men’s underwear, let’s compare them using three essential factors – comfort, function, and appearance.


If there’s one quality that matters most when it comes to choosing the right underwear, it’s comfort. You shouldn’t have to tug at your underwear all day to keep it in place, and it shouldn’t be squeezing you so tightly that you lose circulation in your legs. Let’s dive into how each style makes your body feel.


Boxers certainly have their pros and cons in the realm of comfort. If you’re looking for excellent breathability, this is the style for you. Boxers are made of loose micro modal fabric that leaves plenty of space for your sensitive areas to stay cool.

That said, with freedom comes a little risk. Boxers can leave you feeling vulnerable as your privates are not very supported or protected by loose fabric. While this is fine for leisurely activity, it can pose an issue for higher intensity activities like sports and workouts.

Boxers are also the most likely of the three styles to get bunched up, requiring you to frequently pull down on the fabric to keep it in place.


On the other end of the comfort, spectrum are briefs. No matter the activity, you can feel confident that your boys won’t be in pain from excessive movement when sporting this style.

Of course, since briefs offer a tighter fit, warmer days can introduce some discomfort into the mix. If you anticipate sweat getting in the way of comfort while wearing briefs, you’ll want to invest in a pair made from anti-microbial fabric that won’t smell or soak up sweat like our 360 Sport Brief.

Boxer Briefs

To balance the deficiencies of boxers and briefs, boxer briefs come to the rescue. This style offers great support while also providing enough space for your sensitive zone to breathe.

If comfort is your number one priority, nothing beats our SilkCut (Silk Cut) Classic men’s boxer briefs 


While it’s crucial to feel good in your underwear, we don’t necessarily throw on a pair just to feel comfortable. Underwear serves some very important functional purposes, from adding a layer of protection between your skin and your clothes to holding everything in place.


While boxers can be a really comfortable option, they tend to lack some important functional qualities. While they do add an important layer of protection between your skin and your clothes, boxer fabric tends to be thinner than other options which means it’s more likely for your pants and shorts to soil quickly.

Boxers also tend to be much baggier than other options – fly and all. While this can be convenient when nature calls, it increases the possibility of accidental exposure – a situation no guy wants to find himself in.

That said, our SilkCut Button Fly Boxer Shorts is made with a moisture-wicking fabric thin enough to provide plenty of breathability and protection. The ideal loose-but-not-too-loose fit to keep you feeling relaxed, secure, and covered.


As we’ve already mentioned, briefs are great for providing your package with the utmost support. However, they also offer the least coverage of all three underwear types, which means plenty of thigh exposure and the potential for chafing.  (however, Tani USA uses fabric designed for the most sensitive skin.)

If you go for briefs, it’s important to choose a material that is easy on your skin and to be aware of what outer layer you’re wearing. Skinny jeans, for example, are more likely to cause thigh chafing than a pair of silky joggers.

Boxer Briefs

Once again, boxer briefs are the innovative solution to the issues encountered with boxers and briefs, allowing minimal chafing and excellent coverage to live together in harmony.

While they offer thigh coverage and up-close support, they still provide enough space between your body and the fabric to keep chafing under control. Our Hybrid collection takes the functionality of boxer briefs to the next level, providing the utmost durability, breathability, and softness with the help of innovative micro modal air fabric.


While underwear was originally designed for utility above all else, everybody wants to look good in their underwear. Let’s explore how each style stacks up when it comes to visual appeal.


Boxers do a great job at covering your thighs and offering extra padding, just like a pair of loosely fitting shorts would. This style works great for slightly more top-heavy body types, as it makes your lower body look bigger, improving bodily proportionality.

That said, boxers can pose some stylistic challenges for people with a skinnier body type, as the baggier look can feel a bit sloppy and the large space between leg and fabric may appear awkward. It never hurts to try on a pair in the mirror and see how confident you feel!


Briefs leave very little up to the imagination, revealing the entire thigh and only covering what needs to be covered to maintain a degree of modesty. For this reason, briefs tend to look best on people with very physically fit bodies.

That said, don’t let this discourage you from trying on a pair. What matters most is your own confidence level and how good you feel in them.

Boxer Briefs

By now, you probably know the drill–boxer briefs take the cake by resolving the issues posed by boxers and briefs. This style works for men of every body type, providing plenty of coverage while still nicely defining your legs and drawing positive attention. Thanks to boxer briefs, anyone can feel confident in their underwear!

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