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Underwear Expert: First-Rate in the Luxurious Tani LuxeLine

Underwear Expert: First-Rate in the Luxurious Tani LuxeLine

Why wear simple underwear when the rest of your outfit is first-rate? Don’t compromise on your underwear choice and instead give yourself the luxury you deserve. The simple yet sophisticated aesthetic of Tani is what keeps us coming back for more and they continue to amaze us with their taste for opulence. In the latest from the brand, the luxurious Tani LuxeLine Collection makes you feel like your underwear was tailored custom for you.

Featuring fine fabric from an Austrian mill that produces exclusively for Tani, the brand did not sacrifice anything when making this beautiful set of boxer briefs. The LuxeLine Collection is limited edition and comes in two different styles, the Contour Trunk and the Simple Trunk. No matter how you move, the LuxeLine trunks will move with you. They keep their shape, conforming to your body.

With Superfine™ fabric, this line from Tani is extremely lightweight and soft. Its knitting is so small in fact that it is invisible to the naked eye. This impressive feat of underwear engineering is what makes the Tani LuxeLine Collection the definition of class. The durable design of these beautiful trunks makes the product even more incredible.

The Tani LuxeLine Collection is available in Mocha, Blue Grey Strip and Grey for $75 in sizes S-XL. A combination of 50% viscose, 35% Micro Modal®, 9% Linen and 6% Elastane is used to create the Mocha color variations of this line.  The Blue Grey Stripe color is a fabric blend of 64% Micro Modal®, 21% Polyester and 15% Elastane. Lastly, the Grey color is a mixture of57% Micro Modal®, 31% Viscose and 12% Lycra. Every color will retain their sheen look even after multiple washes due to their fine quality.

Will you give yourself the luxury you deserve?What first-rate outfit are you wearing? What’s the occasion (not that you need one)? Let us know in the comments below or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

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