The Luxurious Tani Underwear In Review

The Luxurious Tani Underwear In Review

Someone once pointed out to me that people will commonly spend a whole lot of money on their suits, shirts, and shoes, but then beneath it all be wearing some random generic brand of underwear that they picked up at their local Target or CVS. It just ain’t right. At the complete other end of the spectrum is Tani underwear, which retails at full price for $40 and up per pair

There are no two ways about this. Even with sales that bring these down to $35 per pair, this underwear is super expensive. Still, if you’re wearing a suit you just spent close to $1,000 on, then you should be wearing underwear that costs a little more than a couple pennies a pair. Perhaps Tani is not the perfectly right answer for you, but it is still something to think about.

Now, down to business. For underwear at this price range, how is it?! Well, let’s start by saying it is utterly unlike any other underwear you have ever seen or felt. It’s nothing at all like what you can find in 6 packs at your local stores. It’s crazy to even call all these products the same thing. These briefs were silky smooth and super light. It was almost as if nothing was there at all when worn. They look great too, and are cut well to flatter the body which makes you look better, but also, perhaps more importantly, feel better. There are no two ways about this either: these underwear are some of the most comfortable we have ever tested (and we have tested our fair share). 

In fact, we also tested some of Tani’s women’s line, and got the same results. Super comfortable. Super lightweight, and the sort of underwear you totally forget that you are wearing. If that seems like something obvious, it’s not. Many pairs of underwear — for both men and women — ride up or in other ways rub or pull uncomfortably throughout the day. That was totally not the case with these. So if you’re experiencing underwear comfort issues, check out Tani for sure. 

The one downside? Their sizing seems to be a little bit strange, so make sure you consult their size charts carefully before ordering. Even after doing this, I still found my pair to be a bit loose around the waist, so it’s hard to guarantee a perfect fit. And, obviously, since it’s underwear, they don’t take returns once you open or wear them. 

That all being said, there is quite a bit of competition in this field nowadays. MeUndies is of course the best-known of them, and they actually do offer returns to make sure you nail down your size. There are also companies like Mack Weldon which offers a whole line of products, underwear included. And both of these companies come in at lower prices than Tani (for most, but not all, products). It’s great to see that Tani is also branching out and now offering things like turtlenecks and leggings and so forth, all things which we hope to try and review for you gents in the near future. 

In the meantime, at full price, Tani is certainly expensive, but you are getting what you pay for, no question. On sale, they come down to a similar range to their competitors (though still a tiny bit pricier). The way we would put it is this: If you like super lightweight, totally “forget about it” underwear, then there is nothing quite like Tani. And if you don’t know if you like it, there is a high possibility that you will, so this is worth taking a shot on. Because if you do end up liking them, finding the perfect, high quality pair of underwear could be life changing.