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The Best Underwear For Men Is Worth Knowing About

The Best Underwear For Men Is Worth Knowing About

The Best Underwear For Men Is Worth Knowing About

Joseph DeAcetis


Style & Beauty

Nov 27, 2021

In a world full of mass-produced underwear, you rarely get to see the people behind what you buy—until now. You see, every menswear product tells a story. And each and every underwear brand has a different story to tell. More to my point, people, product-makeup, and manufacturing processes are surely the backbone of the selected brands below. And I feel privileged to endorse them as we head into 2022.

The Best Underwear For Men Is Worth Knowing About
Smart Mesh Boxer Briefs take performance to another level. Tani blends its luxurious Micro Modal Air fabric with CoolMax technology to keep you cool, dry, and comfortable during your active workouts. 
The super-soft mesh fabric is durable, wicks moisture, moves with you while you exercise, and dries quickly, preventing chafing and keeping your package perfectly tucked in while you sweat. This underwear is lightweight, comes in a variety of colors, and the contrasting trim makes these look super sporty. $65

Today, it is a duty for brands to honor their craft by providing business practices with safe conditions, fair wages, and an overall positive working environment. In addition, it is important for mens underwear brands to foster relationships with suppliers who have been audited for sustainable practices such as responsible water, chemical, and waste management. 

It is these carefully managed practices along with modified product offerings that will resonate with consumers in modern times.  Tani is one of the brands that stand out in this arena.  

Now then, when it comes to menswear, I consider underwear to be the foundation of where it all started. From saving mens trousers from perspiration to providing support for sensitive parts of male anatomy, underwear is arguably the most vital part of your wardrobe. Indeed, men are seeking underwear to fulfill the needs of comfort and durability. But the hybrid offerings today are truly the next level that caters to discerning and active men. 

Look fellas, underwear is the first thing you put on and the last thing you take off. More importantly, it is the one garment that gets closer to your body than any other garment. On a separate but equal note —it is also worth mentioning that the right and fresh underwear—- lends a great deal of sex appeal to your intimate evenings.

The most rudimentary form of men’s underwear is the (you guessed it) loincloth. The fabric used for loincloths was most likely made of wool, linen, or a blend of the two - although the upper classes wore imported silk styles. It simply covered and draped over a man’s private parts. 

Each culture had a different way of wearing loincloths - some even toyed with the idea of attracting attention to their endowment. Fast-forward to Chicago Coopers 1935, and the first briefs were made with an elastic band around the waist and both legs near the groin area.

Another pivotal point worth mentioning in the history of men's underwear is the wonderful trunk brief which debuted in the 1980s. Although it may not seem like such a big deal to Gen Z consumers today; but I can personally attest that it was in fact a revolutionary feat 4 decades ago. Since then, the last 30 years have seen innovation in underwear designs for men like never before such as athletic-style boxer briefs, midway briefs 

I beg to differ when fashion experts tell you buying color underwear lasts longer than white. Nonsense. Plain and simple: when the underwear is worn out (and you don’t need me to tell you when), it is time to refresh your wardrobe.

While today mens underwear comes in a plethora of colors, fabrics, and styles, my fashion editor and I have made an easy alphabetical navigation system below to display our choice selects for your review. Have a look…

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