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Wearing an undershirt might feel like your first steps toward dad style—and not the cool kind. But the best undershirts for men don’t call to mind Ed Bundy or Homer Simpson. Like other practical man things (ball powder, nose hair trimmers, calf-high dress socks) undershirts just make sense. Whether you opt for 100% cotton or a blend of moisture-wicking synthetic fabrics, you need a base layer to guard against excess sweat and nipple visibility.

Whether it’s the swampiest stretch of summer or the chilliest days of winter, these mens crew neck undershirts are engineered to keep you dry, comfortable, and completely stench-free. And, since their main purpose is to sacrifice itself to save your favorite button-ups, most of our top picks cost less than a fancy cocktail—so you can wear and wash them to death, and then replace ‘em semi-regularly without a care in the world.

Oh yeah, and none of them have tags anymore, because no one needs to spend all day trying to ignore a tiny rectangular piece of fabric. Without further ado: the 11 best mens undershirts for men to tuck in pronto.

The Best Soft-as-a-Kitten Undershirt

Tani SilkCut crew shirt

If you've ever bought underwear using a podcast discount code, then you're already familiar with modal. Fashioned from beech trees, the fabric is purportedly [extremely Marc Maron voice] twice as soft as cotton, naturally antibacterial, and fully biodegradable. These tees from Tani take those claims another step further still: they're crafted from Micro Modal Air, the finest form of the stuff around, which the brand says is thinner, stronger and softer than silk. We have no way of proving the science behind those assertions, but we can at least say anecdotally that these shirts are so soft and light they nearly feel like wearing nothing at all, and they seem to do a bang-up job of keeping summer-induced stink at bay. Now, back to the pod.