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The Best Thermals Bring the Heat

The Best Thermals Bring the Heat

TANI Thermals Bring the Heat

Duuude Impression:

The most sophisticated lineup of men’s 

underwear on the market.

Feb 4 

Written By duuude crew

The softest thermals this side of the sun.

We have to be honest: our crew has been doing A LOT of lounging around these days. We have been working don’t get us wrong, but we would be lying if we said our searches for apparel, underwear, and “looks” haven’t steered away from the suit and tie and more towards joggers and t-shirts. That is why we went on a hunt to find the best thermals on the market. Why thermals? Well, for starters it happens to be cold outside folks and for enders (that is for sure not a word), we wanted to upgrade from the ole’ junk we got 10 Christmas’s ago. So our crew found a set of thermals that we had to try out.

There we are in our new underwear. Kidding- we DO NOT look this good. But, we did find the brand that this photo belongs to TANI USA. Lets us tell you, we have not seen a level of comfort, style, fit, and feel like the lineup of Thermals offered by TANI. Sure call that a review spoiler- but the team over at TANI put some serious man/woman hours into developing their lineup of men’s underwear. Our crew was sent a pair of long thermals to review and we must say the arrival of these puppies came at the perfect time.


Once we opened the packaging, our crew found a set of SilkCut Thermal Underwear in their Grey Color:

Right out of the packaging the feeling of these thermals in our hands was like we were Royalty. The lightweight structure of the SilkCut material was extremely soft and had a subtle cool feel to them (both literal and metaphorically). 

Must be because they are knit with TANI’s  Micro Modal® Air fabric, which is thinner and softer than silk. Tell us you can find thermals like this anywhere else. A slight tug and pull on the thermals in our hands, and the stretch/recovery of the material seemed to be well constructed. and true to the description.

From the initial pass of the thermals’ overall aesthetics, color, stitch work, and feel/look in our hands we were impressed by the sheer feel of the material and the weight of the thermals. For sure something we have never tested before.

Initial duuude Impression: Amazing feel and weight of any thermal we have tested before


Now that we un-wrapped the SilkCut TANI Thermals it is time to test these out!


Only thermal underwear set for men made with Micro Modal® AIR

The fabric is thinner, finer and more durable than the finest silk

Naturally wicking fabric keeps you warmer and dryer

Made from natural materials, your thermals are biodegradable

Best base layer for cold weather

To kick things off it’s important to know that these thermals are certified standard 100 by OEKO-TEX®. What is that and why does it matter? Well, OEKO-TEX® is one of the world's best-known labels for textiles tested for harmful substances. The certification ensures the article of clothing, in this case, these thermals, are100% harmless for human health. With these hugging your body as tight as they do, it is a huge aspect to consider.


Right away one of our crew members stole the thermals for themselves to review. We get it- they were a highly sought after pair of thermals. So when it comes to the fit, you have to see what they said:

“These fit better than any underwear I have ever tried. When initially pulling up over my legs, the stretchability allowed them to slide on easier and they stay conformed to my body. Freaking' hugged my legs, thighs, and nether-regions like a cuddly teddy bear. They stayed tight (but not constricting) on my body as I moved about the day- no matter what activity I did (that’s my business by the way). Plenty of room to freely move and to some degree forgot I had them on.”

Seems like they liked it.


That same crew member also shared their feelings about the feel. That is A LOT of “feels” right there.

“Ok- what the heck these feel amazing. The silky texture is so welcoming on my skin, no joke I want to live in these. They are breathable yet they do trap the heat. I can’t notice any sweat or over-heating and feel like they do allow your body to stay heated but not sweat. Is this magic? I do not know- but I DO KNOW these really are comfy.”

Seems like he loved it.


Overall the report from the field on these thermals was solid. Good feel, fit, and of course good materials used to craft and create these thermals. Nothing like we have tried or tested before, the material did retain the shape (even after a few washes- we tested that too), and they went perfect underpants, jeans, joggers, and even just wearing solo on the couch (lucky tester we had right there). Overall these thermals exceeded our expectations.


After testing out the thermals, washing them, wearing them, researching the materials and standards that these thermals met, there were some noted Standout Features:

The material list alone screams quality as we have never seen on thermals

The Comfort level was 10/10 and could not be softer yet more smooth

Perfect for cold weather as an undergarment to snowboard pants, jeans, joggers, and even lounging on the couch in nothing but the thermals

The assortment of other men’s underwear offers a variety of comfortable men’s essentials

The fit is like nothing else we have ever tested.

You can see the vast amount of men’s underwear essentials on TANI’s website.


As an added bonus to the sweet lineup of best men’s thermal underwear, TANI USA offers a sweet blog page covering the topics all of us guys have about men’s underwear and materials.

Also- if you are looking for undershirts, tops, bottoms, all sorts of styles, TANI USA has your body covered-literally. With their size guide to help you find the perfect fit, there is no better time to upgrade your underwear game.

You can visit TANI USA to learn more about their other apparel, sales, and materials used/standards on their website.

Duuude Impression:

The most sophisticated lineup of men’s underwear on the market.

Price: Thermal Set $145 ***Get up to 75% OFF TANI Best Sellars through us!


Tani USA’s philisophy and mission is to make the world’s best men’s underwear that will change the way you think and feel about underwear.

“At Tani, we strive to set a new standard in underwear. We do this through innovation in every aspect of the garment. From using new and patented fabrics to developing a better waistband. Tani simply feels better and fits unlike any other. Despite the amazing soft feel of our garments, they are made with high durability and easy washability in mind to ensure long-lasting use.”


From the lineup of men’s underwear essentials to the material and the quality of each product sold, TANI USA really does provide the most sophisticated lineup of men’s underwear on the market.

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