Good morning sweetheart,

How are you? Have you read my previous post about the comfortable chic outfit yet? Today I have something comfortable, but it’s only for inside the house! During the summer I had contact with TANI USA, and they’ve sent me some underwear to try out and review them for you.


When I’m home I like to take everything out and just walk around naked! It gives me a feeling of freedom. TANI USA said that their silk is ultra soft, it would be even better than naked skin. So I was excited to try them out. I received a Dusky Rose SilkCut Tank Top and a matching Shorty Panty. In Steel Grey, I received a SilkCut Hip Hugger Panty and a matching SilkCut V-neck T-shirt.


TANI USA Quotes;

“Our SilkCut Underwear is luxuriously soft and lightweight, yet extraordinarily resilient to keep up with whatever the day brings. Knit in Europe with the brilliant fabric Micro Modal® Air, it is actually thinner and even softer than silk. And Tani is the first and only underwear brand to use this innovative fabric. Despite its remarkable soft feel, the SilkCut collection stretches and recovers as it lightly forms and shapes to your body in a level of comfort and style you will definitely get used to.”


It took a while before it came in since it has to be sent out from the USA. If you live in Europe like me, be awarded that the price can be a little bit more because of the tax you need to pay to get it in.

TANI USA didn’t lie about their fabrics, as they feel so so so soft!!! I use it every time when I have a me-time day. Me-time means that I’ll do whatever I’m feeling up too. Mostly that’s a beauty and relaxing day at home.


For most people, Sunday is one of those days where they’ll find some quality time at home. Men will do some homework and woman some beauty time. Am I wrong when I say that most people want to sleep a few hours longer? Well, I sure want to. And luckily last night we could.


From time to time I read a book on a lazy Sunday. Today I’ll read the book from Aimee Song, also known as Song of style. An ultra inspiration, high fashionable babe! In Aimee Songs book named Capture Your Style, Song reveals the secrets behind creating the ultimate feed. Definitely worth reading when you want to upgrade your social media.


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