Tani USA SilkCut Collection: The best mens underwear 2018

Move over, SAXX, Tommy John, Mack Weldon and Calvin... overnight you are now a  thing of the past. There is a new underwear brand in town that about to set the standard in premium men’s underwear

Tani USA is sexy, sleek, comfortable, and underwear you need to get your hands on. Tani USA SilkCut collection is the finest men’s underwear to debut in a long time, and you are going to want to get yourself a pair (or four) today! This is by far the best mens underwear 2018!

best mens underwear 2018

Rarely, if ever, does a company come along that completely re-invents the wheel or revolutionizes something like the mousetrap. But Tani is a company ready to change the way you think about underwear and undershirts. Tani USA SilkCut prints are an evolution of the standard comfortable underwear as they have patented designed the most durable, yet comfortable under clothing on the market.

best mens underwear 2018

The new Tani USA SilkCut prints are hot, stylish, luxury men’s underwear. From the boardroom, to the bar, to the gym, and the bedroom, these SilkCut under garments are incredibly comfortable, breathable, and sexy underwear. From briefs, boxer briefs, trunks, tank tops, crew and V-neck t-shirts, boxers, and lounge shorts, the Tani USA SilkCut collection has a little something for every guy’s needs when it comes to the most comfortable, luxury underwear.

best mens underwear 2018

There are no hidden pouches, panels or gimmicks.  The design is streamlined, classic with a nod towards modernity. Tani underwear is the first thing you put on in the morning to be comfortable, uncomplicated and complementary.  When you wear Tani, you will always look as good as you feel.

The best mens underwear 2018.

What sets Tani USA SilkCut collection above the rest? Tani USA SilkCut Collection is the most comfortable men’s underwear I've ever tried.  Tani is a new underwear brand in the US and focuses only on premium men’s underwear.  SilkCut is the best micromodal underwear on the market.

is the only men’s shirts/underwear made from Tani’s patented amazing Micro Modal Air: a soft original fabric created exclusively for Tani. Combined with elastane, the SilkCut collection is light, thin, soft as hell, but completely durable for any situation. Designed to help keep your “goods” cool and comfortable, Tani USA SilkCut collection feature naturally wicking fabric that is made to stretch and retract to form fit anybody who wears them.

Designed with an eye towards the future and with the environment in mind, Tani USA SilkCut collection is 100% biodegradable, made with natural materials to ensure sustainability—a first for underwear and undergarments. Softer and thinner than silk, the SilkCut collection will make you feel like you aren’t even wearing underwear at all, while providing you with the best support and comfort imaginable. But be warned: once you try Tani USA SilkCut collection, you may be so hooked with this sexy line of comfortable men’s underwear that you may never go back to the other underwear brands again! 

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For your next underwear purchase, check out the affordable premium men’s underwear, the finest, most environmentally-friendly clothing on the market: Tani USA’s SilkCut Men’s underwear and undershirt collection.