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Pinstripe Mag: Tani SwissTouch Cotton Boxer Briefs

Pinstripe Mag: Tani SwissTouch Cotton Boxer Briefs

Pinstripe Mag: Tani Swisstouch Cotton Boxer Briefs

Tani SwissTouch Cotton Boxer Briefs

Incredibly soft and super thin, the Tani SwissTouch Cotton boxer briefs are form fitting and look great.

Tani’s singular mission “is to set a new standard in luxury mens underwear”. Utilizing the latest modern fabrics available today including Micro Modal® Air,Micro Tencel®, Cupro®, Swisscotton®, Roica CF®, Superfine® to reinvent mens Boxer Briefs.

The SwissTouch Cotton Boxer Briefs are thin and super soft without being feminine and they breathe for maximum comfort. They wear snugly and keep your junk in place without cutting off circulation and becoming too constricting. If you are looking for slightly more room, size up.

When you make the very finest products in a very particular category, it’s simply not an option. To design and create our collections, we source fabrics around the world that are both rare and newly innovated. We employ unique knitting technologies to produce the finest, softest and smoothest fabrics. And the quality of its performance must be as high as the quality of its feel.

The Tani line is just as durable as they are soft. A state of the art machine using an innovative knitting process produces a unique and original pique knit that is an industry first for men’s underwear. The Micro Modal Air fibers and unique pique knit create tiny air pockets that help regulate body temperature.

Tani SwissTouch Cotton Boxer Brief $65

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