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Most Comfortable Men’s Underwear: Top 10 Best Styles

Most Comfortable Men’s Underwear: Top 10 Best Styles

Most Comfortable Men’s Underwear: Top 10 Best Styles 

Holy cow there’s a lot of information out there about men’s undies. It seems like everyone’s got something to say about it/them. I know this because I have spent many hours combing the internet to learn about underwear for men. I almost feel like I’m doing you a public/pubic service by sorting through all of it and narrowing this list down to the Top 10 Best Styles.

Another surprise for me was that my wife has some clear opinions about the subject. (I had no idea.) Fortunately, I wear boxer briefs. I say fortunately because this style of underwear is, I have learned, a style of underwear that is completely acceptable to my wife. It also is important, apparently, that I don’t wear white underwear (read: tighty whiteys). My underwear — my boxer briefs — are all in shades of blue, black and grey. From the many (and, again, many) comments about underwear on the Internet, it seems that tighty whiteys are a no-no. I’ll generalize and say that, generally, it appears that the observers of underwear clad dudes don’t like tighty whiteys on the dudes they are observing.

I only bring my wife’s opinion into the mix because the look is part of the underwear equation. Mostly, though, our list is focusing on comfort, no matter what type of underwear you wear.


While I tend to call the entire category “undies,” there are specific types of undies.


– This is the basic style. Provides full frontal and backal (okay, back) coverage. The elastic leg goes mid/upper thigh. If they were white, they’d be tighty whiteys. You know what I’m talking about.


– Again, you know what I’m talking about. They’re, basically, mid-thigh shorts in thinner material than shorts and, usually, they’ve got a fly.

Boxer Briefs

– A hybrid between the two. Toward the top, they’re briefs. Toward the bottom, they’re boxers, but the leg is usually elastic around the thigh.


– These are simply shorter boxer briefs.

Bikini Briefs

– Think “Speedos.”


– Initially a protective undergarment for use during athletics, these are a style of underwear worn by some.


– More like a jockstrap in front, with a “string” of fabric going up the middle of the backside to reunite with the (usually very small) waistband.

For a quick crash course on the different styles, take a look at this video from the good people at The Underwear Expert.

Of course, we could have included the “mankini,” which gained brief (thankfully and pun intended) notoriety when Sasha Baron Cohen paraded around in a mankini in the movie Borat.

But we’re not going to suggest mankinis on this list. In fact, we’re focusing primarily on boxer briefs, trunks and briefs. We think the remaining categories are perhaps for a different list/different purpose/different day.

(Okay, if you really have your heart set on a mankini, here’s a colorful version on Amazon.) Now onward!

Tani USA SilkCut Hip Brief

Tani USA

For those of you who want a bit less fabric, the bikini brief could be your ride (Tani USA simply calls their model a “brief,” not a bikini brief). These SilkCuts are most comfortable mens underwear created by using “Europe’s most sophisticated fine-gauge knitting machines to produce this extraordinary fabric.”

Despite the name, it’s not silk, but the company says it’s softer and more durable than silk and a naturally wicking fabric. They are made using a proprietary fabric called Micro Modal Air (94%) and elastane (6%). They don’t have a fly but, unique among the rest of the models in the list, they’re biodegradable. They are also carbon neutral.  That's why Tani makes the Most Comfortable Men’s Underwear.

Price: $45

Buy the Tani USA SilkCut Hip Brief here.











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