Manifest Yourself: Lounging Around A New Place

It’s been 2 full months since moving to New Jersey, and it finally feels like we can breathe and lounge around the new place. In NYC, I lived in a studio apartment that was around 400 square feet. In NJ, Kevin and I are now in a 1500+ square foot, 1 bedroom + office apartment. 

When you get so much extra space, you naturally want to fill it, right?  

That’s the beauty of having more space – but there are so many little things that we need. I thought I would be able to prepare us better, but magically we realize that we are still missing a few things.  Naturally, the weekends have become the time to shop and explore New Jersey, so not much gets done. 

BUT we are slowly but surely finding more time to just relax in our new home.

We both work out a lot, so we have an abundance of workout clothes, comfy sweats for the winter, and just “knock around” clothes, like my mom always says. However, we never really invested in loungewear. 

Ya’ll. The clothes we are wearing in these photos are so comfortable. When Kevin first tried the t-shirt on, he was like “these are the clothes that you can’t wear wife beaters or underwear with”. It’s that soft. 

We are HUGE movie people – so when we do relax, it’s all about good food, homemade cocktails, and the couch. I was so excited that our living room was able to fit a huge sectional, so this is where we hang out together most.

And now this loungewear from Tani USA has become a staple. Since receiving these clothes, we wash and re-wear them more times that I will share here. I guess you can consider these outfits our “at home uniforms”.

The clothes are made out of Micro Modal® Air fabric, which is actually thinner and even softer than silk. When we first tried them on, we thought it was similar to a dry-fit workout material, mixed with jersey… but better.

Kimberly’s Outfit: SilkCut V-Neck T-Shirt $85 c/o // SilkCut Leggings $75 c/o // SilkCut Shorty Panty $35 c/o 

Kevin’s Outfit: SilkCut V-Neck Undershirt $65 c/o //SilkCut Lounge Shorts $75 c/o

While the price point is a bit higher than we would usually spend on loungewear – we understand why they are a bit more expensive. The quality is second to none, and the feel is incredible. Whenever I’m at a loss of what to get Kevin for a birthday, holiday, or Valentine’s Day – he’s going to get some more pieces from Tani USA. 

Photography by Lisa Festa

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