Introducing The Global Glam Luxurious Christmas Hamper

The beauty of a Christmas Hamper is that it is not filled with just one surprise, there are a mix of goodies and surprises selected just for you! Some of the best hampers are custom, inventive, personalized, local, and suited to foreign travel.

By Kristen Lancry

The editors of Global Glam have curated the perfect bespoke Christmas gift hamper packed with the most luxurious pieces that will be sure to please that special one in your life (yourself), because just one gift will not do. This is not your average Christmas hamper. We suggest to skip the stocking stuffers and advent calendars and opt for a luxury hamper instead filled with these ultra luxe items. Display under the Christmas tree, and voila. Christmas morning never seemed better. Let’s get to building your hamper, shall we?

1. Get a large wicker basket or a simple box and fill with wrapping paper or tissue paper.

2. Fill with the following Ultra Luxe Items:

 It’s almost 2017, you need to upgrade your sleepwear. Luxury Pajamas such as this Tani Silk Cut Pajamas Set with Piping will do the trick. It’s luxuriously soft, lightweight, and resilient. Tani uses innovative fabric like no other with their Mico Modal Air, which is thinner and softer than silk.

Tani Silk Cut Pajamas



Talk about a win-win. It certainly is the most wonderful time of the year with these picks, so go ahead and have yourself a very merry little Christmas now, from all of us at Global Glam Magazine.

Global Glam Christmas Hamper

-KL & GG

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