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Forbes: How Tani USA Is Taking Over The Competitive Billion Dollar Men’s Underwear Market

Forbes: How Tani USA Is Taking Over The Competitive Billion Dollar Men's Underwear Market

Forbes: How Tani Usa Is Taking Over The Competitive Billion



The ability of a luxury menswear underwear company to communicate effectively with men is also a key-determining factor in consumer relations. But effective communication with a target audience does not mean saying that you're the best; in fact, today, many male consumers are seeking a deeper message.

Effective communications involves the broader ability to take into account comfort, style and wearability. If successful in doing so, brands can help consumers feel understood and respected. In short, men want their chosen brands to show interest in them as individuals, not just a part of a larger group. They often have an expectation that a brand will be warm, friendly and take active interest in their personal lives. This may be somewhat challenging to modern day brands that may be more accustomed to maintaining a separation between product development and consumers personal lives.

Nowadays like never before, men readily interject their style conundrums and desires through social media. Interacting with brands behind a digital device has opened up the floodgates to product conversations frequently disclosed online. Such disclosure is a manifestation of the desire to connect with fashion brands on a personal level. Similarly, clever brands will often show concern for the personal and family matters of their target audience. Such concern is not intended to be an intrusion; it is simply a way that brand managers show concern for their customers. This fundamental idea is part of the new cultural script.

The allocation of rewards can be controversial with respect to the men’s underwear business. You see underwear is one of the most personal decisions because (speaking for most of us men) at the end of the day, only people at the sports club or an intimate partner will see what you are wearing. The second reason why underwear gets personal is the obvious; the shape and fabric is very close to your body. Be mindful that different shapes and styles are made for different occasions. Trust me, you do not want to wear boxer while running on the treadmill.

Luxury undergarment and basics brand Tani is setting a new standard in upscale basics and luxury loungewear. Their aim is to create the worlds best and most comfortable undergarments that change the way you think and feel about underwear. To design and create the collections, the brand sources fabrics from around the world that are both rare and newly innovated. They employ unique knitting technologies with goals insight to produce the finest, softest and smoothest fabrics on the market today. Moreover, the quality of its performance is as high as the quality of its feel.

The Silk Cut collection is luxuriously soft and lightweight, yet extraordinarily resilient to keep up with whatever the day brings. Tani USA makes the best undershirts and underwear for sweat because they possess impeccable moisture control.  The knit is exclusively made for them in Europe with Micro Modal ® Air fabric, it is actually thinner and even softer than silk. And it is a first in a men’s undershirt material. Despite it’s remarkable soft feel, the brands pieces stretch and recover as it hugs your body in a level of comfort that is exceptional.

Some of the more popular styles are the Wild Silk Warm Thermal Shirt ($55), the Silk cut boxer brief ($35), or the  Silk cut Crew Shirt($55).

I recently had the privilege to speak with founder Adam Dinkes about the true essence of the brand, what are men seeking today in underpinnings and pajamas and why he thinks the greatest quarterback in the history of the NFL, Tom Brady, is right for his brand!

Forbes: How Tani Usa Is Taking Over The Competitive Billion

Tani founder Adam Dinkes (center) with his models


Joseph DeAcetis: What is the true essence and history of your brand?

Adam Dinkes: Tani came about to address the need for a category leader with a better, more comfortable, higher-quality, luxurious and innovative offering in the men’s underwear market in the US. 


The category is dominated by the mass-market brands who’s strategy is low cost. With no innovation and a cost-cutting strategy, underwear simply became uncomfortable. The essence of Tani USA is to set a new standard in men's underwear.  To design what we believe is the most comfortable, most innovative luxurious underwear for men. Tani has a modern sensibility, uses the most eco-friendly advanced fabrics and better quality materials to make underwear that is so comfortable, you can’t even feel it.

Forbes: How Tani Usa Is Taking Over The Competitive Billion

TANIUSA_LOOK-0334 copy


JD: What makes Tani unique?

AD: Tani is focused on the crossroads of comfort, luxury, and innovation.  We use the most advanced and environmentally friendly fabrics to create garments that are more comfortable, more luxurious, and more environmental and sustainable than our competitors.

At Tani, we strive to set a new standard in men’s underwear. We do this through innovation in every aspect of the garment. From using new and patented fabrics to developing a better waistband. Tani simply feels better and fits unlike any other. Despite the amazingly soft feel of our garments, they are made with high durability and easy washability in mind to ensure long-lasting use. Tani’s focus is on everyday basics underwear, undershirts, basics and baselayers for men and women.

Forbes: How Tani Usa Is Taking Over The Competitive Billion

20180920_TANIUSA_LOOK-0261 copy


JDe: Give us three reasons when and why men should wear Tani pajamas?


  1. Extremely comfortable fabric wraps you in luxuriously soft fabric
  2. Moisture Wicking fabric keeps your body temperature cool when sleeping
  3. Staying dry and comfortable while sleeping leads to better sleep

JD: How has technology aided Tani with respect to both E-commerce as well as fabrications?

AD: Technology is the backbone of our company, we use the latest technology in fabrics and manufacturing to create our garments.  We are the only underwear brand in the world to employ these advanced fibers and superfine high-speed knitting technologies.

We use the most advanced e-commerce platforms to provide customers with a seamless shopping experienced from purchase to delivery. Being an E-commerce website we are able to reach out directly to our customers through a multitude of marketing platforms.

JD: In your words, what are men seeking today in underpinnings and pajamas?

AD: Men are embracing online shopping not only because of the convenience but also because of the opportunity to find and research new and interesting brands that meet their needs.  Men are seeking products with good reviews and products that are highly recommended by their peers.  They want brands that have a social and environmental conscience and are willing to pay a premium for a better product.

We see that men want and appreciate quality and comfort in their basics and pjs.  Men appreciate the ability to feel a difference when they try a product like Tani. Our amazing hand feel and our high-performance fabrics are a winning combination for men because they take comfort to a new level that is appreciated and noticed by our customers.

JD: When is it time for a consumer to replenish their pajamas and undergarments? why?

AD: Consumers should replenish their pajama’s once per year. Customers should replenish their underwear at least once per year and certainly before they show any signs of wear and tear. Men should not wear underwear with holes or with visible signs of degradation.

JD: If you could have one celebrity wearing your product, who would that be and why?

AD: Tom Brady would be our ideal celebrity to wear Tani.. He’s one of the best NFL players, has a model wife and a good family life. He works hard and has a great life ethic.

JD: Talk to us about the current collection in detail?

AD: New collections and innovations are launched as seasonal collections. This season our new collection includes Hybrid.  Designed to be a combination of our two best selling collections, the new Hybrid collection takes Tani to a new level of comfort and is the only men's underwear made with Micro Tencel and Micro Modal Air.

The current collection uses our signature micro modal air fabric in shades of light blue and peacock.  Prints are subtle and reflect scenes in nature, including birch wood patterns and roses. Tani offers a basics collection available all year in black, white, navy and grey.  Seasonal prints and patterns are released every six months for Fall/Winter and Spring Summer.

JD: What has been your greatest achievement?

AD: To develop products that resonate with our consumers in a very crowded and congested space. 

JD: What is the best thing that you've ever heard about your brand?

AD: Customer reviews are our best feedback and hearing that people love the brand and that we actually deliver on the promise of setting a new standard in our category means a lot to our team.

JD: What is your growth strategy?

AD: Continue to develop an innovative and comfortable product that stands out in our category.  To stand behind our products with excellent manufacturing, highest quality production, good selection, easy ordering process, speedy delivery, and excellent customer service.

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