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Cozy at Home: A Gift Guide to Enjoy Inside

Cozy at Home: A Gift Guide to Enjoy Inside

Cozy at Home: A Gift Guide to Enjoy Inside

In 2020, many of us have spent a lot of time indoors. As being cozy at home is the gift that keeps giving, we have carefully curated a few gift ideas that can make your loved ones feel even more comfortable in their humble abodes.

Cozy At Home: a Gift Guide To Enjoy Inside


SilkCut Stretch Lace Camisole by Tani USA ($35): This beautiful layering cami is luxuriously soft and lightweight, and still very resistant to keep up with a busy lifestyle. Created with the patented Micro Modal Air fabric and knitted in Europe, it is thinner and feels softer than natural silk. The ultimate cozy gift of the season, it is a very elegant piece that can be transitioned effortlessly from day to night. With a soft stretch that lightly contours to the body shape, this camisole redefines comfort in work clothes with an elegant design that features delicate lace details. The perfect gift for the ultimate fashionista, it’s one of the latest designs of one of our favorite underwear brands. 



Cozy At Home: a Gift Guide To Enjoy Inside


Tani USA Review: This is What Luxurious Underwear Feels Like

If you’ve followed my last posts, I’m pretty sure you’ll have noticed a pattern: I’m a sucker for all things nice AND comfortable. Today, I want to share my experience with Tani USA Underwear, a line of premium undies with high-tech fibers and beautiful design.

Luxurious underwear should feel good and look great (that’s why you’re paying a lot of money for it instead of settling for a regular brand widely available!). However, I’ve had some bad experiences with fibers that weren’t adequate to use in intimates (as in literally itchy), or with poor quality panties that ended up being a victim of my washing policies (as in I do not tolerate dirty clothes, full stop.)

Tani USA has been quite a surprise for me. To start with, they use very interesting materials designed to make you forget you’re wearing underwear in the first place. Second, their pieces feel good and look great, with a true-to-size design that compliments my curves. Finally, their underwear is built to last. After a month of use, I couldn’t see any visible sign of wear and tear. Nada. Not even on the elastic waistband, which as we know is the Nemesis of every washer/dryer.

Want to know which are my favorite pieces from Tani USA? Keep reading!

SwissTouch Hip Hugger Cotton Panty: Natural Luxury

This is like the holy grail of comfiness in your intimates. Made with original Swiss Cotton, this hip hugger is as soft and comfortable as a good cup of hot chocolate in a New York Winter.

{Please note this shot was taken from Tani’s website as I don’t wish to regal my audience with a shot of myself in my undies}

SwissCotton is considered one of the finest varieties of cotton in the world. Milled in Switzerland, only the best 3% of the cotton produced in the world makes the cut. Aside from retaining shape and softness through repeated washing and tumble-drying, it will literally make you rethink the rest of your wardrobe. This is literally one of the finest natural fibers I’ve ever tested, and Tani’s hip hugger is now my favorite piece of underwear.

Available in black and white from S to XL, the SwissTouch Hip Hugger Cotton Panty retails for $50 at Tani USA.

SilkCut Hip Hugger Panty and Tank Top

To me, one should get dressed from the inside out. Wearing uncomfortable underwear will make me look annoyed and even slouchy, no matter how put-together my outfit is.

{Please note the following shots were taken from Tani’s website as I don’t wish to regal my audience with a pic of myself in my undies}

Tani’s SilkCut line is another luxuriously soft and lightweight collection that’s resilient enough to keep up with my daily activities, including gym duties, without interfering. Using Micro Modal Air, a fabric knit in Europe, Tani promises underwear that is actually thinner and even softer than silk.

I have personally used silk underwear in the past and my expectations were very high on this line. Although to me both fabrics are equally soft, Tani’s SilkCut collection shapes to my body way better, making it more comfortable in the long term. It’s also moisture-wicking, which was a huge plus because I brought the tank top to a yoga class and it didn’t let me down. I was comfortable, dry, and cool all along the practice. It gets bonus points because these garments are biodegradable, which means that when I end up disposing them (which I hope will happen in a very long time), they won’t be contributing to the accumulating waste on our landfills.

The only negative thing I could say about this line is that I don’t particularly like the cut of the tank top. I have a very small back, which means that some tank tops will look baggy on my underarm area. Spaghetti straps compliment much better my body shape! However, as I will be using this tank top as a layering solution for the winter and the occasional yoga class, it is actually positive because it becomes invisible under your clothes.

Available in Dusty Rose, Steel Gray, White, Navy Blue and Grey Heather, the SilkCut Hugger Panty retails for $35 (now reduced to $20!), and the SilkCut Tank Top retails for $60 (now reduced to $45.)

My Verdict: Luxury For Everyday Use

The Tani USA underwear is a bit pricier than the average Victoria’s Secret panties I’m used to purchasing in the US. However, I have to confess I have a slow-living mentality which implies consuming less and better. Taking into account that some of my VS panties lost their shape after 4 months, that the price difference is not that big (from $12 to $20 there is not much difference, and the SilkCut fabric is well worth it!), and that this line is biodegradable, I prefer having less panties of better quality. In the end, this is what makes me save money with my consumer choices and reduce my carbon footprint and ecological impact on the planet.

However, there is room for improvement from an Earth-friendly standpoint. I think Tani could reduce its high carbon footprint by modifying its supply chain. The pieces are actually manufactured in China, so that means the company is sourcing their high-quality fabrics in Europe, shipping them to Asia, and then bringing them back again to the US. Although this is no different to many high-end American brands, I personally think modifying this part of their manufacturing process would make this brand an even more Earth-friendly choice.

This said, I would still purchase these panties again. I find that the prices reflect the quality of the fabrics they’re using. Granted, splurging $50 on a cotton panty may seem too much. But you’re investing in the best cotton panty you can get. Luxury is about having a good-quality item that will last for long and that you can use every day without it falling apart. Tani USA’s underwear is all about that!


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