GiltManual: Four things you need to know about Tani Underwear

All the background info on our new favorite skivvies brand, including why Bradley Cooper and 007 are fans of Tani Underwear.

1. You’re paying for luxury, not branding.Tani’s profile is certainly raising Stateside, and it’s an absolute powerhouse in Asia, but unlike other underwear companies that wear their hearts on their waistbands, Tani’s pricing is higher due to the luxurious fabrics used in each pair — Spanish modal, Austrian micro modal, and Swiss cottons combine to keep you dry, comfortable, and, ahem, supported.

2. Each pair serves a purpose.
Everyday Silktouch is designed to be worn under suits, Air Fitness is designed for light workouts at the gym, and Fresh Performance is designed for more aggressive outdoor sports.

3. James Bond’s a fan.
We’re told Daniel Craig wears the skivvies on his off-duty days, and he’s joined by other famous fans of the brand, like Neil Patrick Harris, Pharrell Williams, and Bradley Cooper underwear (Apparently Tani was particularly popular on the Oscars red carpet this year, but we’d rather not put calls out to the A-Listers’ reps for confirmation.)

4. Comfort is king.
Every worn a pair of boxers that — despite being the right size — always managed to leave red grooves in your hips by the end of the day? Us too. Tani’s underwear features a super-soft waistband with a side seam which is guaranteed to eliminate that problem.

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