VIDEO: Real Men Real Style | A Man’s Guide To Underwear

Feeling great in your clothes begins with the right choice of underwear. Your underwear forms the foundation of your outfit. Most men don’t think about their underwear choice. That’s a big mistake. With the right information, purchasing men’s underwear is one of the easiest steps to feeling comfortable in your clothes. Underwear fulfills a number of different functions.

  • It keeps your clothes clean by absorbing sweat and body fluids.
  • It helps to support the genitals.
  • It reduces friction between your manly parts and your trousers.
  • It helps regulate temperature, not only keeping the body warm but helping to cool it off when the right fabrics are used!

The Different Styles Of Underwear

Underwear style for the most part is a matter of personal preference.  Men’s underwear can be classified in two categories – underpants, which are worn below the waist and undershirts, worn above the waist. In this article, we are only focused on the bottom layer on the lower half of your body – underpants. The most popular choices for underpants are briefs, boxers and boxer briefs (or trunks). Click here to watch the Youtube video A Man’s Guide To Underwear