5 Reasons Men are Changing Their Underwear: Best Boxer Briefs for Men

The reason men are buying Tani is that we make underwear so comfortable,  you can’t even feel it. When it comes to something you wear every day, quality, comfort, and fit count, even if no one else sees it. (And, lucky you if they do.) 

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The best underwear is the kind you forget you have on, but rather than going commando, there is a better option. According to a review by GQ, “Tani is in the business of underwear innovation and coming up with new ways to make underwear that feels like you're not wearing underwear.” 

These skivvies are an investment, but they feel like a second skin — and they’ll last you for years. As Men’s Health puts it, “Wear these when you want to feel like a king.”  5 Reasons Men are Changing Their Underwear  Best Boxer Briefs for Men 


5 Reasons Men are Changing Their Underwear  Best Boxer Briefs for Men

Over 95% of Tani customers said the products exceeded their expectations. Men love Tani’s amazingly lightweight and breathable fabrics. Softer than any underwear you’ve ever had, Tani uses only the most innovative and highest quality fabrics. This includes Micro Modal® AIR (patented in 2012) which is thinner and finer than silk. We use Micro Modal® AIR in our SilkCut Collection as well as in our FreeForm Collection

Tani uses superfine and ultra-superfine knitting machines, making its fabrics extremely dense, yet lightweight. This ensures that the fabrics are comfortable, durable, and have the best shape retention on the market.  Our best selling SilkCut Classic Boxer Brief, Contour Trunk, and Hip Brief all use this amazing fabric.

5 Reasons Men are Changing Their Underwear  Best Boxer Briefs for Men


5 Reasons Men are Changing Their Underwear  Best Boxer Briefs for Men

Simplicity wins the design game in our book. The guiding principle behind our sleek styles is to focus on comfort. There are no hidden pouches, panels or gimmicks. We don’t need cooling panels, because our entire garment is breathable. Above is our FreeForm Contour Cotton Trunk, also available in Micro Modal® AIR here.  recently featured in GQ Magazine.

Tani’s style is streamlined and classic with a nod towards modernity. While driven by simplicity, we take pride in pushing the boundary on innovation as long as it makes our products more comfortable.

Our latest achievement, Move Performance is designed with a trifecta of first of its kind innovations - including Italian bonded contour side seams, free-cut edges, and a molded pouch - you’ve never tried anything like it. 


We believe in responsible consumption and aim to produce our products with minimal impact to the environment. All raw materials are sourced from renewable resources and all fabric mills must adhere to high environmental standards. This includes extensive recycling and a focus on green manufacturing. 

If this resonates with you, our Element Classic Boxer Brief takes your environmental awareness to a higher level with a dying and manufacturing process that uses 75% less water and 80% less electricity compared with traditional techniques.

To ensure that Tani adheres to our own standards, we own and operate our own manufacturing facilities. All of our garments are 100% biodegradable. We make sure to select business partners who share these core values.

In addition to respecting the environment, we believe in respecting our employees and suppliers. 


100% Satisfaction Guarantee5 Reasons Men are Changing Their Underwear  Best Boxer Briefs for Men

When asked about our products, customers agree: “Tani makes the best boxer briefs for men!”  Tani’s products have received rave reviews from loyal fans, celebrities and style experts alike.  We post all underwear reviews on the bottom of the product pages.  For example, take a look at what customers said about our popular SilkCut Printed Boxer Brief.

We continue to be featured in the best fashion, style, and influencer outlets including GQ, Men’s Health, The New York Times, BuzzFeed, The Daily Front Row, WWD and Oprah Magazine.

Tani has been mentioned in the NY TIMES, DAILY FRONT ROW, GQ, MENS HEALTH, BUZZ FEED and O the Oprah Magazine

Tani sold to over 90 countries in 2017 with a return rate of less than one percent. Our customer satisfaction rating is remarkable — check it out for yourself!  Click to read  Tani UNDERWEAR Reviews and Feedback 

We are happy to offer first-time customers a 15% OFF promo code TRYTANI or click HERE to automatically apply the discount to your next order.