All Mommy Wants: 5 Ways To Feel Good In Your Skin

5 Ways To Feel Good In Your Skin


5 Ways To Feel Good In Your Skin (Plus a Giveaway from Tani USA)

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With Mother’s Day coming up I wanted to take a moment to celebrate the mothers in our world. It could be your own mom, your best friend, or your sister. But the most important mom out there? YOU. Moms often put everyone else ahead of their own needs. Moms are nearly always the first ones up in the morning and the last ones to bed. Moms are the ones who often sacrifice something pretty for themselves. For Mother’s Day, I want to give you 5 little things you can do to take time for yourself, even if it’s just a few minutes.

1. Soak in a hot bath with your favorite book.

This is one of my favorite things to do! Grab some bubbles, get a book or a magazine, add some candles and maybe a glass of wine, and enjoy the quiet serenity that rarely happens in this day of “go go go”. It’s time to stop, take time for yourself, and be a little selfish with your time (for once).

2. Use a hypoallergenic lotion with a drop or two of essential oil.

I prefer this method instead of using lotion that is already scented, just because it feels so much cleaner and my skin feels that much softer. My favorite oils are citrus-based. I add a couple of drops to my lotion and use it all over, concentrating on rough spots like knees and elbows. Then let it all air dry before putting clothing on.

3. Wear something soft against your skin.

I start with the foundation. One my favorite brands as of late is Tani USA – the Micro Modal® Air fabric is light and soft – softer than silk. It feels AMAZING against my skin, especially after the lotion treatment. Having a Tani USA camisole and boy shorts on under my normal clothes helps me to feel so good. It’s like wearing nothing at all! See the full collection here.

4. Splurge on new sheets

This is something I try to do once a year (at least). I like to get a nice high thread count sheet – which you can find at most retailers. Having brand new, super soft sheets not only makes you feel happy and comfortable, it also makes for a better sleep.

5. Drink lots of water

This is one of those things that most don’t get enough of, yet it’s the easiest to do. Go get yourself a large 24oz water bottle and fill it up. Drink two of those a day and you will start feeling lighter, your skin will feel softer, and your energy will improve. For me, drinking plenty of water has a trickle-down effect (no pun intended) and makes me want to start eating cleaner and healthier. It’s amazing the effect water has!


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