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Free Shipping Orders Over $100 - All Sales Final - No Returns or Exchanges
Your Guide to Buying a Thermal Underwear Set for Men

Your Guide to Buying a Thermal Underwear Set for Men

Your Guide To Buying a Thermal Underwear Set For Men

Winter is upon us and it’s time to start thinking about how we’ll stay warm this year. One simple way to keep from turning into a human popsicle is thermal underwear. Long pants and sleeves add an extra layer under your clothes to help keep your arms and legs warmer. Whether you top them with jeans and T-shirt or a 3-piece suit, you’ll stay comfortable all day so you can get stuff done.

Thermal underwear are nothing new and there are thousands of them on the market. When you go shopping, it can be hard to know what you need and what’s a good price for the quality. We’ve put together this guide that breaks down all the options so you can decide what’s right for you.


Purchasing the right size thermal underwear set for men is vital to not only comfort, but also warmth. If the set is too small, it won’t be comfortable to wear. If it’s too large, it won’t work well under clothes and won’t keep the body warm. Take these sizing tips into consideration to ensure a perfect fit.

Pay attention to the style of sizing. If the brand you’re buying from is using a different country’s standard, you may need to purchase a larger or smaller size than you’re used to. For example, Tani USA thermal underwear sets use European sizing, so American shoppers should go for a size larger than they are used to.

Take accurate body measurements and follow the sizing guide to determine your size. When you measure, be sure to use a flexible measuring tape. Also make sure you’re measuring around the correct area of the body. For example, when measuring for chest size, pull the tape around the widest part of the chest, which is often over or just above the nipples. Then, follow that measurement in the size chart to determine which size will fit you best. If you’re not sure, or if you’re in between sizes, it’s better to go up a size.


A thermal underwear set for men can come in a variety of fabrics, all of which have their own pros and cons. Cotton and flannel are the traditional options and are often first in mind for those who live in very cold climates. At Tani, our thermal underwear set for men features our high-quality Micro Modal AIR fabric.

This European fabric is thinner but more durable than silk. It’s made with natural materials so it’s also biodegradable.

But, arguably, the best thing about Micro Modal AIR fabric is how soft and lightweight it is. This makes it the perfect base layer for when you want to get outside and enjoy the season. It’s extremely comfortable and moves with you so whether you’re skiing down the slopes, shoveling the drive way, or fishing on the lake, you’ll be comfortable.


Many people think that the best way to stay warm in extreme cold is to wear lots of thick, heavy layers. Tani is here to say that’s just not true. At least, not with our thermal underwear set for men.

Its natural wicking capabilities make it warmer and dryer than other fabrics. Plus, it’s a very thin fabric so it fit fits easily under your jeans, snow pants, sweatshirts, and jackets without adding a lot of bulk to your frame. 

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