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Free Shipping Orders Over $100 - All Sales Final - No Returns or Exchanges
Why Micro Modal Underwear is the Best You’ll Ever Have

Why Micro Modal Underwear is the Best You'll Ever Have

Underwear is the first thing you put on in the morning. When the materials in the underwear cause discomfort or the size is not just right, it can set the tone for the whole day. This is true even when the rest of your clothes feel comfortable since none of them fit as intimately against your skin as your underwear do. You simply cannot compromise when it comes to underwear and that’s why Tani offers the highest-quality underwear with micro modal fabric.

What is Micro Modal Underwear and Why is it so Special?

Most underwear companies take the mass production approach. This allows them to make large quantities of the product in as little time as possible. Unfortunately, quantity over quality does not always equal comfort. If this has been your experience until now, you will never settle for it again once you try our micro modal underwear.

What makes this brand of Tani underwear so different? For starters, we create each pair by hand using a fine-gauge knitting machine. This is the only way to produce a fabric that is even softer and thinner than silk. It is so unique that Tani is the only retailer of men’s underwear that sells it. Just stepping into a pair of micro modal underwear in the morning means you’re embracing luxury.

In addition to being hand-spun and extremely comfortable, micro modal underwear is highly functional as well. The natural properties present in the underwear pull moisture away from your skin throughout the day. That means no more wiping sweat off your waistline or having to put up with the discomfort of it until you can get to a restroom. We’ve also designed this type of underwear to stand up to numerous trips through the washing machine and dryer without losing its original color and shape.

Because Tani cares about the environment and knows that its customers do too, we use only sustainable natural resources when designing and creating our luxury micro modal underwear. This is in line with our philosophy of always considering our environmental impact before commissioning anyone to create a new product. Our micro modal underwear is biodegradable for this reason.

About Tani

As a world leader in luxury undergarments for men and women, Tani continually raises the bar when it comes to quality standards. This sense of innovation leads us to source materials for our undergarments from all over the world. It is Tani’s desire for our customers to feel luxurious comfort each time they step into a pair of our brand name underwear or another type of undergarment. However, comfort goes beyond just a good fit. It also includes the moisture-wicking feature described above as well as continual striving for the perfect waistband.

Although our products are luxurious, they are also simple. We do not add hidden pockets or anything else that could take away from your complete comfort. Are you ready for comfort you never thought possible? If so, try a pair of Tani micro modal underwear. We know you won’t be disappointed!

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