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Why Briefs Are Still The Underwear of Choice

Why Briefs Are Still The Underwear of Choice

Are you a briefs guy?

If so, nothing to be ashamed of here.

So what if they are deemed “boring” or “samey”.

If it gets the job done, and they do it well. What’s to not like about a pair of trusty briefs?

While many men have moved to other styles, the brief is tried, true and consistent. They may not always be tight…or white, yet the butt-cheek-hugging briefs are, perhaps unsurprisingly a firm favorite when it comes to the go-to for most men.


It could be a case of nostalgia, being the first style most of us have ever worn. Then again, it could simply be convenience. Briefs underwear is what most boys are first introduced to as an underwear style and some guys simply never grow out of them.

Briefs, in fact, are significantly more popular than boxers. Studies show that 41% of men prefer to wear briefs, while only 27% wear boxers. Let your imagination take care of the other 32%!

Briefs, therefore,  must be doing something right.


The Loincloth

Brief underwear has gone through many transformations. In the history of men’s underwear, men first wore a simple leather loincloth around their waist 7,000 years ago. Back then brief underwear was something resembling a diaper even!

The Braies

During the Renaissance, braies evolved. They became shorter and were made with a flap in the crotch area for urinating through. In the several centuries that followed, men opted for long drawers made of cotton, silk, or linen. They were knee length and had a button flap at the front . . . keeping things practical!

The Boxers

In the 1920s, a lighter version of boxing shorts became the norm for underwear, and here we had the first boxer shorts. In the 20th century, we saw a constant battle between boxers and briefs. Men who preferred boxers say it’s more natural to wear looser-fitting underwear, as it allows air to circulate and prevents constriction and chafing.

Luckily for us, men’s underwear has since been refined and diversified . . .

In the UK and the US, it seems that the most popular choice of underwear for men is the short-short-style undergarment. This boxer-brief hybrid is able to provide the support of briefs while avoiding their negative connotations.


You may find that you have never given so much thought to your briefs, and maybe find yourself pondering more on the little choices you make every day as you select your next fresh pair from the drawer.

Either way, the only really practical message that you need to take away, though, is that shelling out just a few extra dollars to buy a high-quality, well-made pair of underwear instead of a dime-a-dozen pair can go a long way.

The men’s underwear market is booming and at the moment, it seems the die-hard favorites are here to remain for some time yet. 

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