What are bikini briefs all about?

What’s are bikini briefs all about?


In the era of mens boxer briefs and men’s brief, bikinis for men was like a rare bird. The underwear style was introduced in 1942. After gaining a lot of popularity among women in the 20th century, the erotic style of mens underwear was usually used in the swimwear category of men. However, with time it has become popular as men’s underwear.


Bikinis for men is considered a sensual version of men’s brief. This mens underwear style offers the same fitted look and support as that of the traditional mens briefs. However, it was skimpier than the former.

This style of best mens underwear was initially used as swimwear. Later it became one of the best sellers in the men's underwear category.

This is one of the best options for men who are looking for sex appeal with going over-the-top.


String Bikini:

This is the skimpiest bikini available in the mens underwear. The sexy style features a tiny front pouch to hold the entire package together. While the string waistband and revealing rear allow the wearer to flaunt some skin.

Brazilian Bikini:

The Brazilian cut was initially popular in the category of women panties. The Brazilian bikinis for men rear cut while the front may feature the usual style. The fabric at the back of this underwear cut stretches a bit to provide more coverage than thongs. The amount of skin that this underneath article style ranges somewhere between a thong and a bikini.

Bikini Brief:

Mens bikini briefs or hip briefs are skimpier than the conventional mens briefs. The waistband lies below the natural waistline of the wearer and allows a lot of skin show. Keeping the coverage minimal, the comfortable mens underwear keep the sex appeal to the next level. However, the best mens underwear offers the support that matches mens traditional underwear styles.


The versatile style of underwear offers many benefits. Men’s bikini underwear hip brief underwear is perfect for work and pleasure. This contemporary style can be used for occasions as well as daily wear.

While most men still hesitate in trying the skimpy cuts like men’s thong and g-strings, bikinis are a safe option for them. It can give you the band on-trend look without revealing much skin down there.

Along with the much-needed sex appeal, these best mens underwear offers comfort and support at par.

Best for

This is one of the most versatile underwear styles that you can sport at work as well as for casual spree. The conventional mens bikinis are an apt option for long working hours. With the top-notch support and skimpy cut, the mens athletic underwear holds the package and keeps it breezy.

For parties and other casual occasions, the sexy, yet functional styles of pouch bikini underwear is ideal. The pouch elevates the position of your genital and accentuates the visibility of the front profile. Thus, you can bring the entire attention in the right place.

Micro modal bikinis and briefs are by far one of the best, most breathable fabrics for men’s underwear.  Check out our Silk Cut hip briefs or our Air Fit Contour Brief.  So, you can now turn on your partner without going over-the-board.