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What Are the Benefits of Wearing Luxury Men’s Underwear?

What Are the Benefits of Wearing Luxury Men’s Underwear?

What Are The Benefits Of Wearing Luxury Men’s Underwear?

Men’s luxury underwear is a product that is still relatively new in the marketplace but continues to gain popularity as more men are seeing the value of adding it to their wardrobe. For some men, it can be hard to rationalize the value of spending a little extra on high end underwear, but men who purchase them quickly realize the benefits of wearing luxury men’s underwear. 

Tani USA is a premium men’s underwear brand committed to providing the best men’s underwear on the market. We’ve shipped the highest quality men’s underwear and undershirts to countless men across the globe, who will all confirm that the difference between luxury underwear and standard underwear is unmistakable.

Curious to know why buying high-end men’s underwear is worth your while? Here are a few of the top reasons:


Cheaper, lower-end underwear is mass-produced with fabrics that don’t have the same quality as the fabrics selected for luxury underwear manufacture. Therefore, cheaper underwear brands don’t produce men’s underwear that is as comfortable as the options luxury underwear brands provide.

Luxury men’s underwear is more than just comfortable to the touch; its materials keep their shape throughout the day, providing firm support rarely matched by cheaper underwear brands. Micro Modal fabric is one of the most sought-after luxury underwear fabrics, because the fabric is thin and soft, comparable to silk. Silk pajamas, silk undershirts, and silk boxers are all lauded for their comfortable composition, but Modal fabric is highly comfortable in its own right; its moisture wicking fabric maintains a high level of breathability, ensuring maximum comfort throughout the day. Other breathable, high-performance fabrics utilized include tencel, cupro, roica, and extra-long staple cotton, all of which are environmentally friendly.


Aside from its fabric, luxury underwear also provides a better fit than standard men’s underwear. Cheaper underwear’s standard fabric doesn’t stretch the same way luxury underwear does, and its fabric wears out in fewer washes, which means it doesn’t fit the male body the same way over time.

Luxury underwear is manufactured with premium fabrics (mentioned above) that stretch to the skin differently. Luxury underwear typically utilizes 4-way stretch fabric that is more flexible than the 2-way stretch fabric most standard underwear is manufactured with. Because luxury underwear is designed with more flexible, longer-lasting fabric, men can wear the underwear through up to five times as many washes without loss of flexibility.


Similar to comfort and fit, the functionality and performance of a man’s underwear matters immensely. Lower-end underwear typically has a one-for-all standard of usage, which means a wearer may not always be satisfied with how the underwear responds to sweat, constant motion, stretching, or frequent washes.

Luxury underwear is designed to cater to the needs of its wearer, whether they’re a chef that spends long hours in the hot kitchen, an athlete that’s moving around frequently, or a corporate professional that’s seated for long hours at a time. Every one of these men has unique support needs and wearing luxury underwear allows them to avoid the pitfalls of wearing cheap underwear, such as chafing, trapped odors, rashes, or genital pain.


Standard men’s underwear brands typically don’t go the extra mile when it comes to designing their products. There may be an industry standard that their products are subject to, and their brand may be more focused on manufacturing a higher quantity at a lower price for more customers.

High-end underwear brands tend to have a variety of styles and designs for their customers, focusing more on producing fewer products of a higher quality, instead of bulk manufacturing for higher margins. Because of this, a luxury underwear brand may offer an array of unique, innovative underwear designs that standard underwear brands may not provide. Original color patterns, horizontal flys, and premium fabrics are just a few of the features that luxury underwear designs may have.


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Tani specializes in producing the highest quality men’s luxury underwear and luxury undershirts available, emphasizing comfort, functionality, and original design. For men seeking an innovative luxury underwear brand with a commitment to excellence, shop our complete collection now.

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