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What are men’s trunk underwear?

What are men's trunk underwear?


Mens trunk underwear has been used as swimwear for men since the 1940s. This underneath article replaced the bulkier swimsuits that covered the torso. This apparel was heavy as well as hot and hence the stylish cut of the trunk came in as a pleasant surprise for the style-conscious male population.

The mens trunk underwear features loose fit undies mostly worn for sports purpose by boxers and swimmers. However, over the past few decades, this style has been accepted as one of the most functional, yet stylish men’s underwear. The trunk underwear is now designed to fit the wearer snugly.


Despite being in the underwear for a very long time, the mens trunk underwear celebrated their heyday in the 1990s. After tasting success in the swimwear category, it later turned out to be a staple in the underwear drawer of every man who has higher regards for comfort and support along with style.

Modern men’s trunk underwear offer a bit more coverage than the mens boxer briefs. However, support and comfort are as good as any other mens underwear style. The pouch of the underwear style is designed to keep your package away from the body of the wearer.

In Australia, the trunk is used to describe swim briefs.


Mens Sports Trunk:

Other than the swim trunk, you’ll even find a range of sports trunk that offer support and lifts to the manhood while undergoing any sort of physical activity. Most of these underwear are made up of micro modal or cotton fabric that keeps it airy. So, the irritation of sweaty crotch is not a problem anymore.


The versatile piece can be worn as swimwear as well as mens underwear.

The supportive and comfy underneath apparel is perfect for every occasion and purpose. Whether you’re having fun at the beach or you are heading for an early morning jog.

The athletic mens trunks are a cozy way of staying in shape. The sleek style can be worn with your formal or casual wear. It slips in with any mens undershirt or t-shirts without the visible linings.

Best for

This best men’s underwear is best for sports and water adventures. You can even do it at your next beach outing or pool party.

The form-fitting styles of mens trunk underwear can be used as everyday wear as well. Pair it with your trouser or pants and it will keep you cozy at the workplace.

The full coverage and relaxed pattern are ideal for spending some ‘me’ time at home. Wear the stylish, yet comfy pair of underwear and enjoy your laid back weekend.

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