The Other ‘Underwear’ You Need To Know

These days, men’s underwear is about more than just pants. Here’s everything else you should slip between skin and clothes.


This isn’t necessary all the time, but an undershirt prevents sweat stains and means your dress shirts need washing less so they last longer.

Go for a V-neck – few things kill your look like a crew neck behind an open collar – in breathable cotton or micro modal air.. Look for tight fits in light to mid-grey – it’s less visible under a white shirt than white. Vests / Men’s Tank Tops also create visible lines on your shoulders, so stick to men's T-shirts.


White socks are streetwear’s current obsession, but if you’re not in a hoodie, stick to classic black or navy. Your socks should be long enough to show no skin when you cross your legs unless you’re after mankles. In which case, invisible socks let you flash yours without stinking out your shoes.