Style - Men's Trunk Underwear

Style - Men's Trunk Underwear

Men's trunks have been around for a long time, but mostly as a bathing suit style. Once the boxer brief appeared on the market, the trunk underwear style quickly followed. The main difference between boxer briefs and trunks is that men's trunks tend to have the same tight fit but are squarer in design and have a shorter leg or rise. 

Mens trunk underwear has become extremely popular with guys who are athletic and have thicker thighs. The men’s trunk style can be worn under relaxed workout pants as well as under tighter jean styles. The trunk gives great support without the excess fabric around the leg that can bunch up and need frequent adjusting.

For you guys thinking of changing over to the trunk underwear style, Tani Underwear for men offers a great assortment from all your favorites..

Tani is famous for its "no-show" cut. This means the waists of its trunks are cut low enough for low-rise jeans. 

Tani knows how popular men's trunk underwear has become. This is why we offer such a great selection from all the top men’s underwear styles for men.