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Should You Wear Silk Underwear, or Micro Modal Underwear? They’re More Similar Than You Think

Should You Wear Silk Underwear, or Micro Modal Underwear? They’re More Similar Than You Think

Silk Underwear

Typically, two things people think of when they hear the word “silk” are luxury and comfort. One of the most extravagant and sought-after fabrics on the market, silk is frequently used to produce some of the finest luxury men’s clothing, such as silk boxers, silk undershirts, and silk pajamas. and silk tank tops. However, few men interested in purchasing luxury men’s underwear know that there are other fabrics out there that are just as comfortable as silk.

Tani USA’s SilkCut Micro Modal Air underwear is the perfect example of this; knit exclusively in Europe, Micro Modal Air is a high quality fabric comparable to silk, in more ways than one. For consumers who may not be familiar with Tani USA’s exclusive SilkCut Micro Modal underwear, we’ve outlined some of the top reasons why our premium men’s underwear is just as good of a choice as silk underwear.

It’s Extremely Comfortable

Shockingly lightweight, Micro Modal Air fabric is actually thinner and softer than silk, allowing us to create underwear that is just as comfortable as traditional silk boxers and silk undershirts. However, despite its soft composition, Micro Modal Air fabric does not lose any of the durability that other fabrics such as cotton or wool are known for. Although Modal fabric is typically found on bedsheets or pajamas, Tani USA is currently the only luxury men’s underwear brand that utilizes Micro Modal Air fabric to create its undergarments.

It’s Breathable

Modal fabric is one of the best options available when it comes to men’s breathable underwear. The lightweight materials and finer yarns used to knit SilkCut Micro Modal Air underwear allow more air to pass between your skin and the surrounding environment, effectively keeping you cool while participating in activities that would cause you to overheat more quickly. Its highly breathable nature is what makes Micro Modal Air fabric a great option for men combating humidity, similar to silk undershirts and silk boxers.


It’s Moisture Wicking

Similar to silk, Micro Modal Air fabric has excellent moisture wicking properties. Because the fabric is highly absorbent and allows trapped water to evaporate quickly, Tani USA’s moisture wicking undershirts are the perfect option for highly-active people participating in sports and other strenuous activities. Modal fabric is actually 50% more water absorbent than cotton, which means it wicks away sweat at a rate higher than most other fabrics.

It’s Flexible

Flexibility is one of the most important features that a clothing item—especially men’s underwear—can have. Flexible underwear allows the skin on and surrounding a male’s genital area to breathe, preventing chafing and a range of other potential health issues. Silk boxers are a premium underwear option also known to reduce these issues, but the two fabrics differ slightly. Modal fabric is made from rayon, a semi-synthetic cellulose fiber that’s highly-flexible yet still retains its durability, creating extremely comfortable underwear for men.

Try SilkCut Micro Modal Underwear, Today

While silk has been one of the most popular premium fabrics for men’s underwear for years, there are a number of options out there that are equally comfortable. Tani USA’s SilkCut Micro Modal Air underwear proves to be one of those options, but you have to see for yourself. If you’re ready to let go of silk underwear for men and try something new, browse Tani USA’s collection today.

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