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Free Shipping Orders Over $100 - All Sales Final - No Returns or Exchanges
Minimize Your Carbon Footprint with Luxury Men’s Underwear

Minimize Your Carbon Footprint with Luxury Men's Underwear

When you purchase men’s luxury underwear, you’re making a lifestyle investment. You’re choosing underwear that will meet all your needs when you’re at the gym, in the board room, or in the bedroom. Tani Underwear promises maximum comfort.

The best men's brief underwear is designed with a special pique knit weaves microfibers into a strong yet astonishingly soft fabric.  A fabric that will absorb and disperse 50% more moisture than cotton. This is the best fabric for men's underwear

Minimize Your Carbon Footprint with Luxury Men's UnderwearWhen you’re ready to dispose of your underwear – whether you’ve worn it absolutely down or you decided to go full Marie Kando on your closet—Tani is still working for you and the planet.

Production With The Earth In Mind

We only work with fabric mills that place the same emphasis on green manufacturing and recycling wherever possible. If you decide to place your worn luxury men's underwear in the garbage, you can feel confident that the biodegradable materials will break down much faster than any other type of underwear. Fortunately, you don’t have to resort to throwing them away if you don’t want to by choosing one or more of the creative ideas described below.

The fabrics we use are sustainably sourced - specifically Micro Modal Air. It is sourced from Austria where they grow sustainable beech trees that are used to produce the materials needed to manufacture Micro Modal Air. To produce this fiber, the process is carbon neutral.

No other underwear fabric is produced sustainably, carbon neutral and 100% biodegradable (including the waistband). This information is from Lenzing the manufacture of Micro Modal Air and Tencel. To prove that we use real sustainable fiber, we have tags from Lenzing on our products. Most brands do not go this far, most use Chinese "knock-off" versions of the Microfiber fabric which is made similarly but not necessarily sustainably sourced or adhering to any environmental standards.

We own our own manufacturing facility - so we adhere to all sorts of policies and procedures. We give our employees proper wages, healthcare, equal pay, and housing. Ethical practices including modern facilities, HVAC, etc. We do not employ children and our employees are treated properly based on the highest standards accepted in North America, not lower standards.

Replace Your Worn Underwear with Luxury Men's Underwear from Tani

Your Tani underwear has kept you comfortable for a long time, but now they have worn out to the point where you don’t want to wear them anymore. Fortunately, you don’t have to go without the type of luxury men's underwear you have become accustomed to when you shop with Tani. We offer boxers, briefs, and more in single pairs and packaged sets.                                                        

The best way to avoid having to settle for less comfortable and luxurious underwear is to purchase a packaged set each time you place an order with us. Feel free to check out our men’s product page today and experience comfort in a whole new way once you receive your Tani men’s underwear.


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