Men's Winter Style & Grooming Tips: Best Men Underwear

By Peter Minkoff

A true gentleman doesn’t use cold weather as an excuse to look like a caveman. An oversized jacket and a giant beard can conceal the lack of exercise during winter, but it’s not the most stylish thing to put on, is it?

Well, winter actually gives you an alibi to try out combinations and pieces you would otherwise never wear, so you might as well make the most of this opportunity. Incorporate new, cherry-picked garments into your look and mix and match them with elegant, refined clothes. Instead of inspecting your old jumpers for moth holes, shop around for some stylish new ones. 

The surprise to staying warm is learning to layer.  Tani, maker of best men underwear gives us the right peices to layer with adding excess bulk.  The secret is that Tani makes the most comfortable underwear for men.

The art of layering

Layering is, hands down, the best way to keep your body protected from the cold and wetness. The only problem is that a bunch of layers don’t really make a nice fashion statement. Well, note that there is always a way to spice things up. For starters, outer layers don’t have to be long and heavy.

A discomforting chill of winter should prompt you to think in terms of long john or thermal clothing. Best Men Underwear brand Tani makes thermal underwear and other warm layers give you more freedom when it comes to outer pieces (leather or bomber jacket, for instance). Moreover, you can let most of the layers show instead of just adding invisible mass to your body.

Along similar lines, consider new, daring combinations. Why not wear your puffa jacket over your suit? You can do the same with a bold parka, your well-fitting overcoat or a colored duffle coat. Don’t shy away from contrasting the inner and outer layers. This combo is sure to make a statement without raising eyebrows. After all, you can easily remove the top layer once in the office.

In case you know what you are doing and want to turn some heads, opt for an alternative layer in the form of a poncho, on-trend blanket, or some other cape-like piece. As for middle layers, get creative. Wear a crew neck sweater over your shirt and pull off a casual afternoon look with a bang.

Beauty is only skin deep

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First of all, bear in mind that during winter, there are a few extra grooming requirements added to the standard mix. After all, cold weather threatens not only to wreak havoc on our mood and immune system, but hair and skin as well. And if you have dermatological problems, be even more cautious as they can get aggravated.

Thus, take care of your beard: You can keep it longer, but not too long and messy. Keep your shaving tools clean and sharp. Don’t over-exfoliate because dead skin has a purpose of holding moisture. Furthermore, shop around for skincare and cosmetic products that help you repel the negative impact of harsh seasonal elements.

For example, L’occitane cosmetics are perfect for winter use and will keep your skin fresh and clean. Apart from basic skincare, bear in mind that UV rays can still get to you in the winter. Most men forget to wear sunscreen, yet this is the key to protecting your skin. At last, if you are working out (as you should), wipe off sweat to prevent the salt from irritating and drying your skin.

Winter accessories

Cold-weather accessories are a must.

Sunglasses, despite what many presume, are actually a nice option because they protect your eyes from bright winter hues. They shroud you in mystery and deliver a nice finishing touch to your winter ensemble. Beyond that, you should stick to high-quality materials and innovative aesthetics.

Even if you are a busy working man, you can probably afford to loosen up a bit. Be casual and switch a heavy framed suitcase with a canvas backpack. Wear knitted winter staples proudly, but steer away from silly motifs and overly bright colors as well as outdated accessories like skinny striped scarves.

Finally, feel free to explore extreme footwear, such as army boots and shoe-trainer hybrids. Anything stylish that gives your soles a firm grip on the wet and icy surface is a good idea. The beauty of it is that you can get away with many shoes that would be considered too weird or even crazy during the hotter part of the year.

A dash of snow-piercing style

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Winter is not the time to let your appearance get shoved under unassuming layers and lazy habits. Playing it safe with clothes is fine, but to dazzle, you need to think bold. Step out of your comfort zone a bit.

Keep the chilly bite of winter at bay without curling up in thick clothes and using your untrimmed beard as an insulating blanket. There are many ways to stay warm and stylish. Don’t be afraid to disrupt the status quo and infuse vibrant energy in your stale winter outings.

It’s time to put on carefully curated attire and cut a dash.