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Men’s Underwear Styles

Men’s Underwear Styles

Men’s Underwear Styles

If you’ve been wearing the same underwear style you did in elementary school use this Men’s Underwear Style Guide to update your underwear drawer. 

Briefs – Shortest Lengths, Least Amount of Coverage

Men’s Brief underwear has the shortest side leg measurement, typically halfway between the crotch and the waist, thus men’s brief underwear gives the least amount of coverage. In terms of fit, you can find a Cozy fit Brief, which fits is like a sock, and a Relaxed fit, which fits like a T-Shirt. Briefs are great for underwear, but they aren’t the most flattering style for all body types. No matter, if you love men’s briefs, and you are comfortable in them, don’t fix what ain’t broke.


Best Men’s Boxer Briefs – Medium to Longer Lengths. Good Coverage

Boxer Brief underwear has a range of lengths and the most common are shown below. The options with the shortest inseams within this style are called men’s Trunk underwear, and inseams for men’s Trunks range from 0 to 3″.

Boxer Briefs give great coverage, and some expert opinions we’ve seen think that this is the most flattering style for most body types, even if that body is not in tip-top shape. Another great thing about men’s Boxer Briefs is that there is lots of choice in how much coverage you can get. Here are common Inseam Lengths for best and most comfortable men’s Boxer Briefs:


Boxers – Classic Men’s Boxers (Boxer Shorts) Have Loosest Fit, But No Support

Boxers, also called Boxer Shorts, have the longest side leg measurement going below the crotch. Inseam is typically 4-5”. Classic men’s Boxers usually have a very loose fit, like a dress shirt, with little or no support, but a new breed of Boxers is emerging that gives both freedom and support.


New Boxer Designs – Freedom and Support

New Boxer designs incorporate a pouch for support, yet they maintain the other features of Boxers, and there is even choice there.  This new breed of Boxers are available in a Relaxed or Trim fit. Relaxed fit is similar to the Classic Boxer, very loose, while the Trim fit is more tailored, especially in the legs. Both options have the pouch , so either one gives support and freedom.


The Rise – What is it?

There are 3 main types of Rise – Low, Mid, and High — and this relates to where the waistband sits on your torso. Actually, the technical definition of Rise is the length between the waistband and the crotch. So in terms of fit, Rise impacts where the underwear waistband sits, which then also impacts how much coverage you get. 

In addition to Low, Mid and High or Full Rise, you may also see bikini or sports / athletic men’s underwear, and these are simply marketing terms that some companies use to talk about Rise. 

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