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Men’s Underwear Style Guide

Men’s Underwear Style Guide

Men’s Underwear Style Guide

Every style of mens underwear lends itself to different uses and occasions. Use this guide to update your drawers with multiple styles best-suited for you.

Underwear for men can be way more exciting than just a classic white brief. While this option is a necessity, you have so many more styles to explore and discover. We have gathered the underwear styles we believe every man should know about, to enhance their comfort, fit, and concealment.


Trunk style underwear is similar to a boxer brief but has shorter legs and a square-cut silhouette. Trunks usually have a body-hugging fit and can be worn comfortably with just about anything.

Boxer Short or Boxers

Boxers or boxer shorts offer breathability and the freedom of movement due to a longer leg, and a relaxed or tailored fit. Wear loose-fitting boxer shorts with any outfit, and try a slimmer boxer silhouette with dress pants.

Boxer Brief

A cross between a brief and a boxer, the boxer brief has the long leg of a boxer, with the slim fit of a brief. This style is quite versatile and can be worn with jeans, dress pants, or even workout clothes.


This classic, standard style is made for support and comfort. The back of a brief offers full coverage, while the front has the upper thigh exposed. Don’t mistake a brief for “tighty-whiteys”-- they come in trendy prints and colors, too!


A bikini distinguishes itself from the brief because it has a low-cut waist, high-cut leg, and narrow sides. This is one of the most popular styles, and in many cultures, it is even the preferred form of swimwear.


Jockstraps are made to provide support and protection during high impact sports. They have full frontal coverage and minimal rear coverage. Jockstraps are constructed with two leg straps that wrap around to your rear for additional support.


The thong is the perfect option for any man interested in minimal style and fabric. Thongs have narrow, low-rise waistbands, front pouches, and a rear vertical center strap, creating slight coverage and exposed skin.


G-strings are made for the guy who wants to flaunt his stuff. This sexy style is great when you want to avoid panty lines because it is made from a thin piece of fabric that connects the pouch to the waistband.


This style of underwear resembles a one-piece bodysuit. It can include suspender-like straps that come up from the waistband and wrap around the shoulders. Singlets are made to be provocative and show some skin.

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