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Men’s Briefs Are a Great Way to Go

Men’s Briefs Are a Great Way to Go

Men’s Briefs Are a Great Way to Go

When choosing your underwear style of choice, there are several popular options. Most men fall into one of the following three categories: boxers, briefs, and boxer briefs. Some men prefer the loose fit of boxers, while others feel their best-wearing something more form-fitting and less bulky. For those who want more support than boxers and a skin-hugging fit without leg coverage, men’s briefs are a great way to go.

Whether classic, colorful or crazy, our selection is vast enough to meet your brief underwear needs. Briefs now come in an assortment of cuts, as well. You can find low-rise briefs, square-cut briefs (called trunks) bikini briefs, and briefs with a contour crotch or your traditional double-layered working fly. And, because guys like to buy in bulk, Tani also offers briefs in 2-packs and 3-packs for convenience too.

Low-rise briefs

Like the feel of briefs but want a little more style? Low-rise men’s briefs are just the thing to wear under today's hip-hugging pant styles. They sit lower around the waist than traditional men’s briefs but have the same amount of support.

White briefs

Today, white briefs are still around, but with several twists. No longer do briefs come with just the double-layered fly opening known as the Kangaroo pouch. Tani Underwear mens briefs are an example of this style. Today, the contour pouch – which has no opening at all – is becoming the norm. After all, less than 20% of guys wearing a Kangaroo pouch ever actually use it. White briefs also now come with colored and/or logo'd waistbands. 

This gives the look a little more style. Colored waistbands also give a white brief a more slimming look. Finally, your basic white briefs can now come with a low-rise stylish cut. So, if you're one of those guys who likes his briefs white, at least consider updating them with the more stylish options. 

Boxers vs. briefs

The controversy over which underwear style men should wear has taken on a lot of steam in recent years. The boxers vs. briefs controversy is really about fit and support. From the brief's perspective, a man is going to be better supported in a brief. Equally important, when getting dressed, a brief is much easier to pull a pair of pants over. There’s no extraneous fabric to push down the pant legs. And briefs, because of their leg bands, can give your behind a little lift if you need it. So, in the great boxer or brief debate, if these factors are important to you, go with the briefs.

Our assortment of men’s briefs is guaranteed to have what you are looking for. You can round out your men’s underwear wardrobe with briefs in fabrics other than cotton, too. At Tani USA, you can find a variety of silk briefs, microfiber briefs, nylon briefs, and more. We also carry all other men's underwear styles. including boxers, boxer briefs, thongs and bikinis, and sports underwear.

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