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Men’s Boxers: A Men’s Underwear Classic

Men’s Boxers: A Men’s Underwear Classic

Men’s Boxers

A Men’s Underwear Silhouette Classic

Tight briefs and more sexy or exotic men’s underwear styles are not for everyone or every occasion. Sometimes, you just want to wear a comfortable pair of boxers. Men's boxer shorts have come a long way since the overly-roomy white standard issue of years ago. HisRoom carries men's boxers in all cotton as well as silk, microfiber, cotton jersey, and other fabrics.

Men's boxers come in styles to suit every wardrobe. Button-fly boxers and boxers that hug the thighs to keep a trim silhouette while still offering plenty of room are popular choices. Cotton knit boxers are a classic, some of which are designed to avoid riding up.

If classic isn't what you're looking for, HisRoom also carries men's boxer styles that make a statement. Feeling a little preppie? Try a pair of plaid boxers in a variety of colorways. Functional fly boxers are an option, too. 

Knit boxers are a good choice when you're looking for something colorful with a slimmer fit and colorful style options. Print boxers are a fun way to add a touch of personal style without being too over-the-top. For value, you might consider multi-pack men's boxers. Whatever your preferred men's underwear style may be, boxers are so varied in cut and style that you're sure to find a new favorite.

Boxers vs. Briefs

In addressing the age-old question, “boxers or briefs?" it has been historically apparent that there is a very loyal majority of men who wear woven boxer shorts every day. Today, this base is eroding with all the new style options hitting the market. However, despite the abundance of styles, men still want their boxer shorts. And here's why: They are a guy's loungewear. Should the doorbell ring or should you need to run to your car or grab the newspaper, if you're wearing a pair of boxer shorts you feel covered. However, not so if wearing tightie whities. Boxer shorts provide comfortable coverage in a fit that’s relaxed and non-binding.

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