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Men’s Boxer Shorts: What does your underwear style say about you?

Men’s Boxer Shorts: What does your underwear style say about you?

Men’s Boxer Shorts: What does your underwear style say about you?

Best Men’s Boxer Shorts Underwear

Loose and freeing, the men who make boxers their underwear of choice aim for freedom and comfort. Before getting fully dressed, they relish the breeze as it sweeps up their thighs and sets the tone for their day. 

The boxer short guy may be a power broker or love the 80’s but he’s usually not the first guy to change his clothing style but he does know his music. He’s still not sure about skinny pants, and who can blame him, because those boxers never feel great jammed in and bunched up. 

The boxer short guy thinks that if he wanted to be squeezed underneath he would switch styles. This guy may invest in his wardrobe but it will always be in classic styles that are timeless. This guy can rock the pleats like a posh British royal. 

The boxers guy has plenty of pairs to choose from, but he will swap out his underwear at the gym for the built-in undies in his workout shorts. Now that Tani USA is introducing a new boxer short that carries Tani USA’s  heritage of comfort, this guy is in for some new surprises. 

The Tani USA new boxer short is loose but tapered to follow the leg. The Micro Modal Air fabric of our Silk Cut Collection is a win times ten for the boxer shorts man because he can get out of that woven underwear and now enjoy all the great attributes of a boxer short in Tani USA’s ultra soft and smooth Micro Modal Air fabric is breathable, cooling and stretchy. 

The boxer short guy hits the gym but he doesn’t worry about or count his calories. He knows what he likes and goes for it. If he notices his belly getting bigger, he’ll swap out some carbs and starch for a salad but he’d rather add some miles rather than give up the food and drink he enjoys and he always makes room for dessert.

The Boxer Shorts Underwear Guy On A Date:

The man in boxer shorts has time on his side. He plans his dates based on how he feels that day and hopes his date will enjoy it too. He likes to say it will be a surprise. He can have that spontaneous and fun outlook that comes from not being constrained underneath. 

This guy doesn’t mind a pop tent sprouting because he is confident in his goods and wants his date to know what’s available for the taking. If the date ends well, and he’s in his Tani USA Silk Cut Micro Modal Air boxer shorts, he knows she will love the soft and comfy feeling fabric and that hand may wander just where he wants. 

He knows that his awesome Tani USA best men’s boxer shorts are like a yellow brick road guiding her hands to the magic. His only worry is she’ll want to be wearing them the next morning and try and keep them for herself.

The Boxer Short Men’s Work Ethic:

This guy’s all business. He doesn’t mess around and won’t be passed over for a promotion. He’ll have his fun after hours and never misses a lunch break, but when he’s on the clock, he’s on the ball. 

When you need a co-worker you can count on who’s on time and knows what he’s doing, the boxers guy is Mr. Reliable. That said, generally speaking, we have no clue what type of underwear the guy in accounting is wearing, but we bet it’s from a multi-pack that came in a clear bag of some kind.

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