Men’s Boxer briefs


Men’s Boxer brief underwear came into existence in the year 1990. The boxers were comfy but lagged the much-needed support. Moreover, the loose fit led to bunching up of fabric. 

On the other hand, with the snug-fit of traditional mens briefs, comfort suffered to some extent. This led to the evolution of something that had the positives of both the best-selling men’s underwear styles. The underwear style, pioneered by John Varvatos, is considered as one of the ‘greatest apparel revolutions of the century’.


Mens Boxer briefs are a great choice if you’re looking for an alternative that provides both styles as well as comfort. The, also known as, ‘manly’ pair of underwear hugs the body of the wearer snugly. 

They offer a great deal of support, comfort and style.  The functional apparel provides a broader space for the male anatomy to breathe freely. Traditional mens best underwear kept the genital somewhere in between the thighs. This led to squashing, chafing and other such issues. 

The anatomically correct design of boxer briefs is till date the most recommended option for those who seek comfort, support as well as freedom down there. The form-fitting style of the mens underwear covers the 1/3rd portion of the thighs without bunching or riding up. The functional best underwear for men style beats the other underwear styles.


As mentioned above, mens boxer briefs underwear were invented to provide the positives of two of the most used underwear styles, that is, mens briefs and boxers. The mens boxer brief underwear style provides both body-hugging fit and ultimate support. The Tani Silk Cut Micro Modal Boxer Brief is considered one the best examples of the modern day boxer brief.

The traditional cotton boxers with loose fit would ride up the pants of the wearer. The snug fit best mens boxer briefs reduce this problem. The possibility of twisting and bunching reduced making it an apt option to be paired with even the skinniest jeans as well as trousers.

Along with the much-needed comfort and support, the versatile boxer briefs work under all types of clothes and can be worn on any occasion.

This athletic style is particularly a functional option for workouts and other athletic activities. The boxer briefs are considered to be one of the best alternates for the traditional jockstraps.

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Mens Boxer briefs are an alternative for the sporty jockstrap. Whether you are heading for trekking or any other adventurous trip, this mens underwear style is a staple for you.