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How To Master The Undershirt

How To Master The Undershirt

Best Undershirts For Men

Here's How To Master The Undershirt


There’s nothing more satisfying than a good, dependable undershirt. If you don’t wear them, it’s probably because you haven’t found the right cut, fit, material or style. Not every occasion calls for an undershirt, but for any formal or semi-formal event, an undershirt is required for any guy over the age of twelve years old. Wearing an undershirt shows that you are capable not only of dressing yourself, but of owning nice clothes and taking proper care of them. Essentially, it lets the world know that you aren’t some complete man-child slob.

So why are undershirts such an important part of every guy’s closet? It’s not just social convention. It’s also more hygienic than going commando above the waist. For example, pit stains. A couple of pits stains during a jog in the park is no big deal, but there’s no reason that you should experience underarm leakage during a nice dinner or a work function. Armed with an undershirt, pit stains should be nothing to worry about. Quality undershirts are made out of cotton or other light and breathable fabrics which are designed to absorb sweat without leaving you feeling uncomfortable or gross. Wearing an undershirt is the best way to keep you out of any embarrassing armpit-related mishaps. Undershirts can also help improve the longevity of your clothes by acting as a protective barrier against the buildup of sweat and dirt that can wear out fabrics over time.

But how are you supposed to find the right undershirt for you? There are many different options of undershirts. For instance, there’s the basic crew neck undershirt, the chest-exposing V-neck or the button-clad Henley, all made in a variety of fabrics, with long sleeves, shorts sleeves, or no sleeves. With all these options, choosing the right undershirt can be almost as overwhelming as choosing the outfit to go overtop of it. Lucky for you, we’ve prepared this handy undershirt guide, complete with some of today’s top brands, to help you decide what undershirt is right for you. This list includes some designer items as well as some more affordable brands, so that you can find the undershirts that best suits you.

The Crew Neck

Crew necks are a must-have for every guy’s wardrobe. The traditional round-collar shirt is versatile—it can be worn as an undershirt or on its own, and in casual or more formal situations. The crew neck’s high collar protects against sweat and dirt that can build up around the base of the neck, so wearing one of these under a button-up will keep your ensemble looking fresh.


Having an undershirt peeking out from behind your clothes can look sort of unkempt. V-necks are great to wear undershirts with looser collars—the plunging neckline keeps the undershirt out of sight. V-necks allow you to undo a couple of buttons on a dress shirt without the risk of looking sloppy.




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