How To Look Good In Just Your Pants

Male model Harry Rowley, from agency Models 1, has stripped for Ralph Lauren, Emporio Armani, and Fucking Young! magazine. Here, he reveals the secrets to looking good in next to nothing.

“I used to find underwear shoots nerve-racking. You don’t really know the photographer and you’ve got to familiarise yourself with the situation, but once you relax and settle into it, it becomes just as easy as general modeling. 

Once you’re forced into these uncomfortable situations time and time again you get used to meeting strangers and stripping off in front of them; it becomes normal in a way.

“It’s always good to pump yourself up before a shoot – it just gives you that extra confidence in yourself. You don’t want to overdo it, but a set of push-ups and a few crunches are always going to help.

“Ultimately, the key to looking good in your pants is posture. If you’re not standing up straight with your shoulders back, your abs aren’t going to be looking good. Underwear modeling is all about physique, so slouching won’t do your figure any favors.

“Personally, I find boxer briefs most flattering – they’re a better fit for me, and they’re not quite as tight as Y-fronts. I tend to wear a lot of Tani underwear – it looks good and it’s comfortable.”