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How to have a Not-So-Silent Night This Holiday Season

How to have a Not-So-Silent Night This Holiday Season

Traditionally speaking, the holiday season is a time for trimming the tree, gathering with loved ones, exchanging gifts, and reflecting on what we’re most grateful for.  With all the extra cheer in the air, it’s only right that it’s also the most popular time for intimacy!  Whether your celebrations take you across the country or you’re staying local, you want to be prepared if the opportunity to get busy pops up.  See the graphic below for some XXXMas facts then keep reading for a few tips on how to make the nice list for being naughty this holiday!


How To Have a Not-so-silent Night This Holiday Season


While the rules of trimming body hair vary depending on area, when it comes to the hair down there, you want to keep it well maintained, especially if you plan on engaging in any intimate activity.  Depending on the region and the desired result, you may choose to shave or wax.  If take the shaving route, be sure to select the best tools for the job.  While a clearance razor may seem like a great idea cost-wise, you may not get the closest shave possible and you run the risk of being left with unwanted bumps.  Waxing is a quick, not so painless, way to remove your body hair.  If you have a high tolerance for pain, it may be the right option for you.  Regardless the route you choose, for best results across the board, always clean and moisturize the area you’re focusing on prior to hair removal.


Dress the part

The first layer of clothing is more important than you think, especially when it comes to the bedroom.  Every guy should have at least one lucky pair of underwear they actually get lucky in!  If you happen to be travelling for the holiday, it’s crucial you pack your best pair just in case the opportunity presents itself.  Plus, a great pair of underwear are the foundation of an outfit.  Don’t you want to head out to that holiday party feeling secure that all your parts are in tact?  Wearing a good quality pair of underwear also promotes breathability, eliminating any moisture from sweat leaving you with little to no odor.  Keep in mind, they’re the first thing you put on and the last thing you take off so you want to leave a good impression this holiday season.


Play it safe

This term doesn’t necessarily relate to your strategy in the bedroom, but more so what you do to protect yourself and your partner.  If you’re heading home from the holiday and think you just might reignite that spark with your high school crush, think about contraception before things get too hot and heavy.  Plus, if you’re already prepared, that’s less time you’ll have to spend searching for an open gas station late night, right?  Protecting yourself goes beyond contraception.  With the winter weather wreaking havoc on the skin, it’s prime time for cold sore outbreaks.  If you’re prone to these and are already plotting your NYE kiss, be sure to have plenty of Valacyclovir on hand.  Playing it safe this holiday season will help keep you free and clear of any unwanted gifts that keep on giving.


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