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How to Choose the Best Men’s Underwear for Your Lifestyle

How to Choose the Best Men's Underwear for Your Lifestyle

How To Choose The Best Men’s Underwear For Your Lifestyle

Every man has his own unique way of living life. One may be highly active and constantly on the move, while another spends most of his day sitting down. Why shouldn’t men’s underwear support this? At Tani USA, we have the best men’s underwear in a variety of styles to suit all different lifestyles. Which is best for you? Let’s take a look.


Traditional boxers are seen as the most comfortable men’s underwear option because they allow for more movement than other styles. This style is free-flowing and breathable. Boxers offer a looser fit throughout the hip and thighs, and work best under baggier clothing such as jeans and sweatpants.

If your lifestyle is dominated by sitting at a desk most of the day and getting stuff done, you might be happy to have loose fitting underwear. This allows you to let things breathe and be comfortable without bunching up fabric in all the wrong areas.

If you have an active week but like to take it easy on the weekends, boxers may be your go-to style when couch tailgating for the big game, or snuggling in bed with your sweetie watching a movie.


Often referred to as “tighty whities”, this style of men’s underwear is frequently stereotyped as constrictive, boring, and meant for middle-aged males. Believe it or not, briefs can be great for men of any age. These are tight to the body but leave the legs free to move around. These work well under tighter clothing or if you’re worried about others seeing your undergarments through your clothes.

If you’re the kind of man that likes to wear tighter jeans, or frequently wears thin dress pants or suits, you might like briefs best. They keep things in place and allow for full range of motion without showing off what you’ve got on underneath.

Boxer Briefs & Trunks

Boxer briefs and trunks are seen as the hybrid underwear style of boxers and briefs. They are tight to the body but still have full coverage. These two styles are very similar but boxer briefs tend to be longer in the thigh than trunks. Both fit well under all types of clothes.

Boxer briefs and trunks are frequently worn by men who have active lifestyles. If you spend most of your day walking around or like to take part in physical activities, boxer briefs and trunks are the best men’s underwear for you. They’ll keep everything secure while you go about your day but still keep you protected.

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