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most comfortable underwear for men

How long does it take to make the most comfortable underwear for men?

What goes into Tani underwear before you do?

most comfortable underwear for men tani underwear review

It takes about one year for new Tani underwear collection to go from the drawing board to the sales floor. At Tani USA, we design and fabricate our own underwear. Unlike most major brands, Tani owns and operates its own R&D and Manufacturing facility. This allows us to oversee the entire process from design inspiration to product innovation. 

 Tani Manufacturing

(Tani manufacturing and housing facilities)

It might sound crazy but it actually takes 12 months to develop a new pair of the most comfortable underwear for men. While we are always on the lookout, we start dedicated research one year out. Basically, it’s Research. Research. Research. And then some more research.

Our R&D team and designers scour the planet for the best fabric innovations and meet with fabric and fiber suppliers to brainstorm new materials, finishes, and innovations. We also review color and design trends and hit every fabric trade show for the latest advancements.

Fabric innovation 
(Above high gauge micro knitting machines in Austria)

9 months to go: Planning the collection. Storyboard the seasonal themes and design prototypes.

6 months to go: Produce samples for internal and external review. Wash and stress test underwear samples. Photography, sales, marketing, and advertising developed.

5 months to go: Final revision of underwear specifications based on results of testing. Pre-production to coordinate the highly complex process of fabricating, sewing, and finishing of Tani clothing and underwear.

2 months to go: All fabrics and accessories delivered are inspected for quality and color. Samples are produced and reviewed for quality, fit and finish. Fabrics are hand spread and relaxed for 48 hours.

most comfortable underwear for men s
(Fabrics are stored prior to inspection)
most comfortable underwear for men d
(Fabrics are spread and inspected prior to relaxing)
45 days to go: Production is GO! The excitement ramps up as our factory go full steam ahead. With over 150 employees hand cutting fabrics. Fabrics are inspected for the final time for color and for any possible defects.
most comfortable underwear for men
(Fabrics are cut using small piles.  Most brands cut through 12"+ fabric to speed through the process.  We use only 2" high piles to ensure cutting accuracy.  This allows for an extremely consistent fit.)

30 days to go: Sewing begins. An intricate ballet of coordination and a 12-step process for men’s underwear alone.

most comfortable underwear for men
most comfortable underwear for men
most comfortable underwear for men


1 week to go: Final inspection.

Ship: Everything is ironed and packed, ready to ship and ready to wear.





Tani USA sells Tani clothing and Tani Underwear for men.  Buy Tani clothing at our men’s underwear shop.


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