How Innovative Is Your Micromodal Underwear?

How Innovative Is Your Underwear?

It’s probably not a question you’ve asked yourself lately, or maybe ever, but at Tani USA, we think it’s an important question, and we think you’ll appreciate our getting to the bottom of it…so to speak.

Many brands offer modal underwear or micromodal underwear as a feature fabric in their mens boxer briefs and premium mens underwear, etc. However, most people don’t know that there are several versions of Modal, and even fewer people have the slightest idea what those differences are.

So a quick primer on the illustrious Modal fabric is on order. Modal was invented 50 years ago by an Austrian company, Lenzing AG. Modal was a breakthrough as a stronger and more stable type of Rayon, plus it had a similar feel to cotton. It’s also entirely natural, made from the pulp of beech wood trees. It was a breakthrough fabric innovation that changed the world. Ok, maybe just the clothing world, but still.

Truth: most micromodal underwear does not use the patented fibres, meaning they do not adhere to any of the sustainability or environmental standards.  They also are combined with other less expensive fabrics to create "blends" which are watered down versions at best.


micromodal underwear
Your phone 50 years ago


But the fine folks who invented Modal didn’t stop there. They continued to refine the fabric and improve the process, and in 1985 they introduced MicroModal®. Thinner, softer and yet even stronger than regular Modal, it is the current fabric that many “higher-end” underwear brands use for their top-of-the-line products. Although sometimes they use 60 year-old tech, generic versions of Modal, as well.

micromodal underwear
 Your home phone in 1985. Yellow was a thing that year.



micromodal underwear
Your mobile phone in 1985. Car installation only


Today, most of these brands still claim the 30 year-old MicroModal® innovation offers the most comfortable underwear in the world. And it was probably a valid point until MicroModal® Air was introduced in 2012.

iPhone 5S How Innovative Is Your Underwear?
 Your phone in 2012. How did we ever live without it?


This new and vastly improved fabric features a thinner, finer fiber that is actually softer than silk, yet extremely durable and pliant. And further, MicroModal® Air is produced using a environmental fiber technology which is significantly more eco-friendly than the tech used to create both Modal® and MicroModal®. In fact, it’s CO2 neutral.

Tani USA is the only premium underwear brand that features MicroModal® Air. And that’s why we’re a bit more confident when we say you’ve never felt comfort like this before. Because, well…you haven’t. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with using the various Modal® fabrics, but at Tani USA, we feel it’s important for people to understand why MicroModal® Air is truly a remarkable fabric innovation and why it feels so different, so much better.

It’s like the difference between the first mobile phone and your phone today. Sure they can both make a call, but the similarity ends there. So the question is, would you pay a premium for a 30 year-old, 20 pound clunker? We wouldn’t either.

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