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Different Types of Mens Underwear

Different Types of Mens Underwear

Boxer Briefs vs. Briefs vs. Boxers vs. Underwear

Ah, the world of mens underwear can quickly get confusing.  From boxer briefs, briefs, boxers and a multitude of other subcategories within the underwear world, it’s important to understand how they differ in both quality and performance.

Here’s a quick breakdown on how boxer briefs differ from other of the more popular undergarment types:

Boxer Briefs

Borrowing design aesthetics from both boxers (short-like cut) and briefs (the touch of elasticity), boxer briefs bridge the gap between these two distinct undergarments.

What makes these distinctly different from your standard pair of boxers is that the added elasticity woven into the fabric ensures that they never roll-up or bunch in areas around your midsection.

In addition to being much more comfortable while wearing, especially when moving around, boxer briefs do a tremendous job at providing extra support in the pouch area, as well.

Able to be worn with any type of pant or short, boxer briefs are perhaps one of the most versatile types of underwear that a man can own.


Cut to be around just the pelvic region, briefs are preferred by men that want more of a form-fit to their undergarments.

The lack of fabric can be welcomed by some men as it can keep things just a touch cooler down there.

In addition to the cut of this undergarment, some men prefer briefs as it can help them to present themselves much better.  Of course, this varies from one man to the next.


Mimicking the same cut of shorts that professional boxers wear, boxer-style underwear is airy and typically made from much lighter fabric (particularly cotton).

While once popular in the 90s, boxers have fallen out of fashion considerably and have been since replaced by boxer briefs.

One of the major drawbacks to boxers is their tendency to either cling to the side of your leg or roll up when you are moving around.

This lack of mobility has given rise to the boxer brief as it was able to solve this very problem.

How We Selected These Boxer Briefs

Picking out the best boxer briefs of 2020 was a difficult challenge.  However, after quite a bit of research and thinking about this unique category of undergarment wear a bit more, we thought it best to break it out by the intent of which men would wear them.


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