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Considerations When Choosing Boxers vs Briefs vs Boxer Briefs

Considerations When Choosing Boxers vs Briefs vs Boxer Briefs

Considerations When Choosing Boxers vs Briefs vs Boxer Briefs

While the qualities of the underwear types themselves are critical considerations when deciding what to wear, there are some external factors that are equally deserving of consideration before pulling the trigger on one style over another.


Are you dressing for the gym, work, a relaxing day at home, or an evening out? While boxer briefs are likely appropriate for all of these activities, you shouldn’t wear loose boxers to the gym – too much risk of exposing yourself to the person across from you when bench pressing.

In the same vein, snug briefs probably aren’t the move if you’re just planning to sit back and watch a movie. Consider the risks and comfort levels of each style for whatever activity you have planned – you won’t regret it.

Body Type

Does showing a little extra skin makes you look and feel confident, or does your body look best with a little more coverage? Generally, leaner guys tend to pull off boxer briefs better than they do loose boxers, and more top-heavy guys tend to look great in boxers compared to tight briefs.

Of course, no underwear style should be gate kept by certain body types. What matters most is that you can look in the mirror and appreciate what you’ve got!


Briefs maybe your favorite style of underwear until things start to heat up. Sweat doesn’t feel too good when confined in an already warm space. Likewise, boxers may feel great until it starts snowing and the loose fabric provides little to no heat retention.

Don’t be afraid to have a different go-to underwear style for every type of weather – you don’t have to show undying loyalty to just one! Prepare yourself for warm days by exploring our Smart Mesh Collection with patented Coolmax fabric to keep your skin up to 7°F cooler than cotton.

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