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Comfort or Style: A Girl’s Guide to College Fashion

Comfort or Style: A Girl’s Guide to College Fashion

College students get a bad reputation for wearing sweatpants more and more frequently as the school year drags on. And there’s some truth to that, but don’t let yourself fall into the habit of wearing these incredibly comfortable clothes every day. You can very easily balance style with comfort and look great while you’re doing it.


College keeps you busy, and it’s not always practical to wear something stylish. Wearing a dress to class Monday to Friday just isn’t practical, sometimes you’ve got to rock those sweatpants, leggings and yoga pants. There’s nothing wrong with these choices, just make sure they fit well. You’ll definitely notice a huge difference between a pair of sweats that fit, and some extra large ones you swiped from cousin Bobby last Thanksgiving. If you find yourself really wanting to wear your sweatpants, but not look like you just got out of bed, then leggings are a solid choice. Try wearing them with a shirtdress or oversized tee shirt. V-necks are another casual option that can still look really good. A v-neck can be paired with a statement necklace (okay, not so casual), or paired with a nice pair of leggings.

While we’re talking about casual wear, we can’t forget to mention underwear. You should have at least a week’s worth of bras, socks, and underwear. Nobody wants to wear dirty socks or underwear. “Pick up a few classic tees or tank tops in different lengths and in colors such as grey, black, white, and navy.

These are great for wearing on their own or underneath a cardigan or jacket in cooler weather,” recommends Barbara Hepler, an educator at Do My Assignment and Academized. It’s good to have two or three pairs of quality jeans when buying them keep in mind things like inseam length, quality, and price. I would also recommend three or four pairs of casual shorts, something flowy, printed, or colorful can be very fun to wear.


Comfortable and casual is great, but sometimes you’ll want to be a bit more stylish. “It can feel really nice to walk around campus in some new digs feeling stylish, and looking good is great for your self-esteem. It’s not that a casual, or ‘spring-cleaning’ look can’t be attractive, it’s just not as attention-getting as wearing a stylish ensemble,” writes Nancy Newman, college counselor at Essay Help and Essayroo. And of course, that goes double for when it’s time to go out on the weekends. A good denim jacket is a college girl’s best friend. They’re timeless, so you can hang on to one for years even as your fashion sense changes. You can throw one over just about anything, from a sweater to a tank top.

A circle skirt is a great stylish option, but also casual enough that you can wear one to class. They also go very well with just about any top you can think of. Pair it with a button down on chilly days, or a tank top or camisole when it's hot outside. And of course, we can’t forget the little black dress. They’re a classic that every college girl should own. Pair one with heels and jewelry for the weekend, or a more conservative version for interviews and ceremonies.

You’re not going to wear the little black dress every day, but you shouldn’t go the opposite way and rock those leggings Monday to Friday. Get the best of both worlds and mix things up. You can even wear clothes that are comfortable and stylish at the same time. Follow this guide to balance style with comfort as you survive another college semester.

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