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A Brief History

A Brief History

A Brief History

Inspired by bathing suits, the Y-shaped snug-fit mens underwear were introduced in the year 1930s. The practical approach and the form-fitting style took over the market in no time. Unlike mens boxer shorts, the underneath article held the genital in a relatively fixed position. 

The increased support and alluring appeal have occupied a section of the top drawer of every man since then. In the 1980s, best mens underwear were upgraded to comfortable hip briefs. This was marked by the presence of bright colours and flashy prints.


  • Tight mens briefs underwear have always been blamed for infertility in men. However, it is not the underwear cut that leads to the medical issue. Choosing the wrong size and incorrect fit of underwear lead to squashing which ultimately causes low sperm count
  • The subtly sexy apparel covers the entire rear and package but leaves the upper thighs and the side of the leg for the show. Thus, the mens underwear provide the much-needed sex appeal, but without going over-the-top.
  • Men’s briefs underwear are available in low, mid and high rise cut. Thus, you can make your choice according to the style of your bottoms.
  • Despite the fact that the comparison between mens boxers and briefs seem to be never-ending, the experts sum up by saying that the low sperm count is an after effect of overheating of testicles. The underneath articles that bundle the package too close to the body of the wearer raises the temperature of the same. Thus, both the styles are equally good, if the right size is chosen.


High-rise brief:

  • This is the traditional style of the mens briefs that sits right below the belly button and above the natural waistline. 

Mid-rise brief:

  • As the name suggests, the mid-rise briefs for men sit in between the low-high and high-rise briefs. With the same support and comfort, it is a much versatile option for those who don’t like their waistband popping out of the trouser.

Low-rise brief:

  • This style was introduced in the year 1990s when low-rise jeans and trousers came in fashion. Sitting way below the waistline of the wearer, the underwear prevents sagging.

Lace or silk brief underwear:

  • With the aim of catering to the wildest fantasies of men, the fashion connoisseur has stylized the traditional undies with a contemporary fabric. Lace briefs for men are one such option that can help you flaunt your wild side without negotiating comfort.

Sheer brief:

  • The see-through styles of the briefs provide a teasing glimpse of your skin. You need not change your underwear style in order to stay on-trend.


  • The snug-fit style and the high cut of men’s brief underwear provide easy leg movement. The briefs are a practical option for long working hours as they maintain the air circulation in the crotch area.
  • The best mens briefs are designed with modern technology. It keeps the package together and away from the body. This prevents your boys from clashing and reduces the possibility of chafing and other related problems.

Best for

  • It not is mentioned that this versatile mens underwear style is perfect for all occasions, events and seasons. You can wear them at your workplace. The high cut will keep it breathable while the contouring pouch will keep the junk together.
  • For date nights, you have better options than the conventional mens underwear briefs. The see-through or lace briefs can entice your partner with the teasing glance of your skin.
  • The supportive styles of the appealing briefs are perfect for getaways and adventure trips. Even though the boxer briefs are preferred options for vigorous physical activities, the formal one can complete your ensemble.
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