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9 tips for choosing gift underwear they’ll love

9 tips for choosing gift underwear they'll love

9 tips for choosing gift underwear they'll love

As a kid, a pair of underwear is the last thing you want to find when you tear into a holiday present. But as an adult who doesn’t always have the time or energy to seek out underwear that looks good and is actually comfortable to wear? Getting the most comfortable men's underwear is an absolute delight. 

So how do you get it right? Let the underwear experts give you a hand! Just follow these 9 handy tips when you’re picking out skivvies for someone special.

  1. Who is the gift for?

No matter how you try to reason it out, underwear is an intimate gift that should be given with care. It’s important to choose your target audience right, no matter how well you pick it out. if you’re giving men's boxer briefs at an office Secret Santa, you’re sending out a creepy vibe, whether or not you mean to. But if you’re buying underwear for your partner, you have the opportunity to give them a gift they can enjoy without sending the wrong message. 

  1. Check their size

Whether you do it discreetly or flat out ask is up to you, but buying the wrong size underwear is a disappointment for everyone involved. If you live with your partner or spend a fair amount of time with them, you probably know which underwear they wear every day (i.e. boxer briefs, briefs, or boxers) and which ones they save for laundry day, so check the size or take a quick measurement. Or just ask! It’s much better to spoil the surprise than spoil the mood.

  1. What’s their style? 

There’s no shortage of styles when it comes to the best men's boxer brief designs. If you’ve never seen your giftee wearing a particular cut, there’s probably a reason for that. (And if you’ve never seen their underwear at all, go back and read number one again.) It’s okay to stray outside their comfort zone a bit. A guy who likes boxer briefs may not realize how much they love a pair of trunks until they try them, and the styles are similar enough that they won’t be disappointed. 

  1. Comfort is King

Remember, you’re buying something for them, not for yourself. While most people like to look good in their underwear, it’s a lot harder to feel the part if your underwear doesn’t feel good to wear. Comfortable underwear should have soft or nonexistent seams and be designed to stay in place without sliding around or riding up into a wedgie.

  1. Go for Quality

No one needs help buying discount underwear. Even if they look great, a gift is the opportunity to give them something they might not splurge on for themself - and you certainly don’t want to send the wrong signal by being a cheapskate. Plus, high-quality garments tend to last a lot longer, which means they’ll have more opportunities to think of you. 

  1. Choose colors wisely

Depending on your style, wearing the wrong color of underwear with your outfit will cause it to stand out in a bad way. If they can’t stand the color you choose then your gift won’t make its way into rotation very often. This is another moment to do some quick recon. Try to pick a hue that fits into their current style - or just pushes the edges a little bit.  

  1. Not all Fabric is equal 

Underwear stays in close contact with the most sensitive areas on your body. That means the fabric should be soft and cozy to the touch and breath freely, and it needs to be engineered to withstand whatever your day throws at it. Silk only passes half of this test - no matter how soft it feels, it won’t perform under pressure. As soon as you work up a sweat, it will stay damp and suffocate your skin. While not every pair of underwear has to withstand a workout routine, it should be able to manage moisture without putting your health at risk. 

  1. Play it cool 

No matter how much time and energy you spent choosing out the ideal gift underwear, don’t get too enthusiastic when it’s time for them to open it. Gifts should feel effortless to give and receive, and the less pressure there is, the more likely they’ll be able to enjoy it the way they want to.

  1. Make it personal

On its own, underwear is just an article of clothing. If you don’t put time and care into crafting a good message to go along with it, the gift will never carry the weight it should. Write a message from the heart and even if they don’t love the underwear you chose, they’ll appreciate the gift a lot more. 


Tani specializes in making the best men’s and women’s underwear that balance style and comfort so you can look good and feel good whenever you slip them on. Help your gift speak louder than words by choosing quality underwear made from smart fabrics that can keep you comfortable all day long. 

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