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5 Must-Have Essentials for Fall Camping

5 Must-Have Essentials for Fall Camping

5 Must-Have Essentials for Fall Camping

5 Must-have Essentials For Fall Camping

This year’s summer has certainly been filled with stress and turmoil, and many of our travel plans have either been completely postponed or significantly altered. Instead of tropical beaches (unless you live near one, that is) and exotic islands, we have made the most of our local rivers, lakes, and coasts, and we’ve seen more of our local natural wonders than ever before. With the fall slowly starting, it’s time to prepare for a whole new set of adventures. 

As the weather changes and wildlife behavior with it, you also need to make sure that you’re safe, warm, and comfortable during your lovely camping trips. Whether you’re going alone, with your significant other, or with your whole family, there are a few must-haves not to forget to pack.

Stay warm with the right underwear

Your wearables will play a crucial role in keeping you warm and comfortable during your camping trip, which means you can prevent catching a cold or getting stuck indoors for the duration of your stay instead of being able to explore freely.

Start with your underwear and pack plenty of thermals made of skin-friendly, durable materials, and designed to keep you warm without overburdening your frame or limiting your mobility. That way, you’ll be warm during those cold nights under the stars, and you’ll be able to hike to your heart’s content. 

Pack the right tools

5 Must-have Essentials For Fall Camping


Wherever you live, chances are that there are at least several wildlife species that you don’t want to come across or spook – which might lead to an attack. Although these attacks are rare, you should still carry proper protective tools with you, such as bear spray in case of a close encounter. 

Of course, you also need tools that can be multifunctional, so that they can serve as protection and a handy piece of gear. For camping and hiking, you should look into automatic OTF knives that are simple to use and great for numerous situations, from cutting fruit, veggies, and meat, all the way to keeping you safe. If you’re going fishing, your knives will be exceptionally useful in those situations, too. 

Always check your first-aid kit

If you or one of your kids is allergic to bee stings, or if you get a nasty cut while you hike in the woods, you’ll want to have your first aid kit fully stocked and ready. Take a look inside and make sure you have antiseptic creams and ointments for the whole traveling gang, whereas more Band-Aids is never a bad idea. 

Antihistamine is crucial for anyone with allergies, and even if you haven’t had one in your life yet, you should always have a dose available. Bandages and gauze together with hand sanitizers are vital for the health and safety of yourself and your family.

Keep your water safe and fresh

5 Must-have Essentials For Fall Camping

You’ll often venture into the unknown and away from the civilized world, where there are no stores nearby for you to get more water during your stay. Or perhaps it’s simply not convenient to go back and forth all the time.

The simplest way to drink water safely is to use high-quality filters that clean water and make it safe for drinking. Then again, you can invest in insulated bottles that will keep your water and other beverages at the right temperature and fresh for longer. 

Perfect sleeping bags and tents

Yes, Mother Nature has its fair share of surprises to throw at you when you visit an unspoiled corner, but you can keep water, the cool winds, and insects at bay with the right gear. For starters, you need a comfortable tent and sleeping bags that will keep you toasty at night and that are waterproof. 

Always make sure that you choose adequate bags that can keep you warm in low temperatures, and of course, check the forecast for your destination – you never know if you’ll need extra layers despite your best sleeping bag choice. 

Over time, you’ll be able to refine your list and add more essentials that will elevate the camping experience. However, these will always be considered key both for survival and for your peace of mind. Keep your checklist ready, always double-check if you’ve packed these essentials, and enjoy all of your camping trips with comfort and ease.

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